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in Splinterlandslast month

i was so happy when i saw Naga Warrior in this week's battle challenge!
i love her
but did you know that her tribe , The Naga of ΛZMΛRÉ are a bit savage??
they have a custom, eating the dead! you still hungry??


NW is a Water Splinter's EPIC monster
she has a medium agility of 3 points, which means she's not that fast but she can do the job with success
her major advantage is the retaliate ability from lvl 1
if upgraded to lvl 4 she gets the enrage ability, as most females you cannot deal with her when she goes crazy, it's better to leave the battlefield
her 6 life points can give her the opportunity to be used as a tank in a battle terrain though i would not recommend a strategy like that
most of the times when i use my NW i place her in a support position when the battle rules of course give me the right to use her in the back positions
she's lethal i'm telling you , do not underestimate her
let's check on her stats



you can click on the following link to see my battle in which i used my Naga Warrior
...Naga's Warrior Battle...


this battle was not so difficult
let me get you something clear at this point
i have to tell you that i don't follow a common strategy in every battle of mine
you may find great differences between my battles, this doesn't mean that i play random
my strategy depends on the league i'm playing ,and on the opponent i face
when i check on my opponent and i see that i have to deal with a same lvl opponent my gameplay is much more loose and many times i experiment new things in such fights

this specific battle was a 24 mana cap battle and the only rule was explosive weaponry!
all monsters were getting the blast ability! what a party!
after checking my opponent i decided to go Water Splinter and started building my deck
as you can see in the link provided i used my NW as a tank, let me tell you this was not my first choice!
i'll explain you what happen and i ended up playing with Naga in the first place

but let's take things from the beginning
24 mana points to use so immediately without any second thoughts i picked as Summoner Valnamor


the special abilities that Valnamor grants to the whole team is more than enough to make you pick him
the only problem is the high mana he requires to use him
in a battle of 24 points ,5 mana for this summoner is a big deal

anyway this was my choice so i was left over with 19 mana points to distribute among my fighting team
the points were not many but i managed to use them correctly


in the first place my pick was not Naga, in the first place i picked Albatross to stay there but you see Albatross needs 1 point of mana so when i placed all the other monsters i was left with 4 mana points and then it hit me
instead of picking a 4 mana point monster i decided it would be better to take out of my deck albatross and place in the first position as a tank Naga Warrior
don't forget guys, retaliate ability

as it is clear , or at least i think it is clear , i picked my tank last after i placed all my monsters in the field
this is not a common thing ,to pick your tank last but sometimes it happens
in the second place i picked my precious Furious Chicken so i could give an extra support in my third place monster which was the Ruler of the Seas
in the 4th place my Enchanted pixie was perfect and in the last position i placed my Magi Sphinx
all my monsters except Naga were magic attack monsters so they were getting plus 1 hit point bonus from Valnamor
i was almost certain that the battle would be victorious for me so i couldn't wait to start fighting

  • Naga Warrior lvl 1
  • Furious Chicken lvl 2
  • Ruler of the Seas lvl 1
  • Enchanted Pixie lvl 1
  • Magi Sphinx lvl 1

chicken 130.jpg | ruler of the seas 130.jpg | pixie130.jpg | sphinx130.jpg



it was an easy win
i had almost zero casualties, i lost only my chicken
the blast ability won by the rules of this battle was a significant boost
17 DEC added to my balance , i was very proud of my Naga and happy i managed to use her
i had 3-4 days since i last picked her to fight so she was a bit 'rusty'



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