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Mushroom Sheer is a Reward Card issued long time ago
when i first saw this card i knew it would be a monster, i'm going to use a lot
there are some cards you love them because of its graphics
there are some cards you love them because of what they are capable to do
the Sheer is one of them


an Earth Splinter's Rare card, Mushroom Sheer is a support monster
you will never use it in first place as its life points are only 3 and make it really really vulnerable
another disadvantage is its low agility, 1 point of speed makes the Mushroom valuable only in battles where the lowest agility comes first
but there are some Pros as well
it has a magic attack of 2 points and from lvl 1 it has the Silence ability
this is the catch! on the Mushroom
if you have a rival deck with magic attack monsters , the Mushroom will take care of their power instantly
in case you wanna upgrade the Mushroom ,above lvl 5 it gets the poison ability which makes it even more lethal!
lets see the stats of the monster below



you can click on the following link to see my battle in which i used the Mushroom Sheer
...Mushroom Sheer's Battle...


it was an easy battle
i usually fight with opponents with stronger Decks than mine
when it comes to face an opponent with a same lvl deck there is a very small chance to lose the game
that was the case in the above battle as well

you know there are battles with so much interest , you get so excited with the fight and there are some others which are very smooth, adrenaline does not pump and you get over with them in a very cool way
in this battle one of the rules 'target practise' gave it a bit of spice but was not enough to keep me stimulate!
i checked on my opponent just before we go for the teams , i realized he is a same lvl rival so i was pretty relaxed

i decided to go Earth Splinter,i was more than sure that my opponent would use magic attack monsters so Mushroom Sheer was the first monster pop in my head

when you build your team you should always try to put your monsters work together
its not only the opponent you must check
you must know which combination of monsters to pick in order to get the best attack result
if you pick them randomly and without a plan most probably they will not cooperate together correct and you will not get the result you wish for
so let's see what happened in this terrain


it was a 23 mana cap battle so i needed a summoner with a low mana consumption

Mylor was the perfect one cause at the same time was giving all my monsters the thorns ability against melee attacks
as i said though i knew that my rival would go magic attack i just assumed that his tank would be a melee attack monster so the thorns ability would work against it

i guessed correct!


i was not only facing an easy opponent
the battle went exactly as planned and every single detail i had in my mind worked perfectly
in the first position i didn't place a tank
i placed my Furious Chicken,just a decoy! i wanted my opponent to lose his first hit and this worked in the best way cause my Chicken caused 2 life points damage after been hit by the rival tank with its thorns ability gained from Mylor
it couldn't have gone better
in the second position i placed my actual tank Kron the Undying with its healing ability from lvl 1 was the perfect tank for this battle
the only problem was its mana consumption, i lost 10 mana units to use him and i was left with only 10 more
Mushroom Sheer came in the 3rd place, this choice was actually the core of my gameplay
this specific battle and this terrain was built on the Mushroom
my game tactics, and the whole inception of how to play was built on the Mushroom's Silence ability

as you can see sometimes a battle can be built on a single monster
first you get this feeling about how the battle is gonna evolve and you build everything on this hunch
if you are wrong about it.... you are ruined
thank god it worked for me this time
i have uploaded battles where i was wrong though, you cannot be correct all the times

in the last place it was time for my Gold Foil Javelin Thrower, i select her cause i needed a bit of speed,i was too slow with Kron and the Mushroom
i just thought Javelin would be of great use but i was not so correct about it

  • Furious Chicken lvl 1
  • Kron the Undying lvl 1
  • Mushroom Sheer lvl 1
  • Javelin Thrower lvl 1

kron 130.jpg | mushroom130.jpg | javelin130.jpg

chicken 130.jpg


the battle was won by Kron and Mylor
that's the truth, yes Mushroom helped a bit but was not the one to make the difference
javelin was a total failure, she proved to be useless in every possible way
it was not Javelin's mistake though but mine
anyway i won the fight and 17 DEC added to my account
consider it an easy win! it happens from time to time!


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Thanks for sharing! - @xawi

that's really a cool battle. It seems everyone likes a thorny beast Mylor. I love playing with it as well. That was a cool battle.