¨LoveTheClouds Contest¨ # 103 The cloud formations that my Corrientes sky gives us

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¨LoveTheCloudsCommunity¨:  It is where I want to be when I want to enjoy the beautiful things that nature has; This great place created by our friend @tobetada is the best thing that could happen to us who ¨love¨ the ¨clouds¨; To find out the sensation of viewing the nines, I invite you to participate in this splendid contest: 

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This time I want to share with you some simple shots that I took in the background of the house, with an old ¨digital camera¨ ¨Samsung¨ 12.2 ¨Mega Pixels¨

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I am a cloud watcher from the ¨vieja¨ ¨school¨, I have been holding it for more than 44 years, it was my grandparents who instilled in me this ¨passion¨

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In my years of seeing the ¨clouds¨ I have seen incredible formations of different colors, a beautiful sensation that cannot be described in words
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I passed on these passions to my children and grandchildren, I want them to continue these beautiful traditions. I would love to see teenagers sitting in a square watching the sky, however now they are immersed in the smartphone screen


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Lovely clouds, dear friend @jlufer! That one in the top second picture looks like a huge bear hiding behind the trees 🙂

How are you dear friend @olgavita good day
I appreciate with all my heart your pleasant visit and your kind words, you are very kind.
Those are the things that I like about clouds, when the formations look like real life.
enjoy your day

बहुत सुंदर पिक्चर काफी अच्छा व्यू है।

Thank you

Beautiful day you had for taking so great photos. Love the contrast between the sky and plants.

hello dear friend @ salexa5 good afternoon
My city is dominated by high temperatures, the days are always sunny and with a lot of cloud formation.
I appreciate your kind words with all my heart
enjoy the rest of the afternoon

Today it is cloudless here in California!
So I am glad to see you have plenty of clouds there, @jlufer!

what telepathic communication, I'm coming from your delicious post dear friend @ silversaver888 this is incredible
Yes, here it is very common to see this type of sky with large cloud formations.
I appreciate the enormous support you give me
have a beautiful night

Great minds think alike!

Ahhhhh....you have some beautiful blue skies there with nice puffy clouds looks very refreshing nice captures @jlufer 🙏

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