¨Love The Clouds Contest¨ # 101 Thanking life and what nature gives us

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Hello friends of¨LoveTheCloudsCommunity¨:  Here again with you, grateful with life and everything that nature gives us every day, happy to have this place to host the images of our ¨ passion¨, and we owe it to our friend @tobetada

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I really like this place, it brings back fond memories, once a month we visited it with my grandfather, while I played running along the coast, he would sit on those benches and do the accounts of how much money I needed to cover the debts

Source: Family Album

These are the things I like about this challenge, they always bring me beautiful memories of childhood, if you would like to know what it feels like, I invite you to enter here:  to check the conditions for can participate in this wonderful challenge

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My parents have taught me to be grateful for having all the "limbs" of the "body", and "eyes" to see the beautiful things that nature gives us; Many people were deprived of sight, never had the opportunity to appreciate a "beautiful" "formation" of "clouds"

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It is not news to say that we are going through a difficult year, that there are many things that concern us, but if you focus on what is truly important, you will see that in the simple things, you can find the "happiness" and reasons for "thanks"; How to have a view to see everything around you

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Thankful to have my ¨Nikon Coolpix B500¨ camera as it allowed me to take these beautiful pictures


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Oh how i envy the climate you live in, we have cold wind and rain. The skies are gorgeous and I wish you well in the contest

hello dear friend @brittandjosie good day
You always anticipate with your comments, I was about to visit your post of reflections

It is true, I live in a privileged city, with a predominantly tropical climate, it is also very rainy, it is what makes it easier to find beautiful cloud formations.
Thank you very much for the support and your kind words

have a nice day

Hermosa publicación. Compartes cielos muy bellos, las nubes parecen copitos de algodón.
Felicitaciones @jlufer
Gracias por compartir

hola querida amiga @mllg buen día
Es verdad, son verdaderos copos de algodón, mi ciudad esta rodeada de agua, es la razón para que resulte mas fácil conseguir bellas formaciones de nubes
aprecio de todo corazón tus amables palabras

que pases una maravilloso día

Y eres un excelente fotógrafo que sabe aprovechar esos escenarios, @jlufer
Excelente día también para tí, lleno de salud y armonía

Those are lovely shots my friend

How are you dear friend @joetunex good day very happy to know that my images have been to your liking, I appreciate your kind words with all my heart
I take this opportunity to wish you a great day

Nice photos! Good luck at the contest!

how are you dear friend @ssygmr good day
I appreciate with all my heart your kind words and good wishes
I take this opportunity to wish you a great day, that you enjoy it a lot

Thank you so much! I'm fine I hope you are fine too. 😊

@jlufer - This is a great place to enjoy and spending time with your family. No matter of how much that you earn but how much you can save is always the key to success and secured your finance situation. What you are doing now soon will reward and help you overcome any burden in life.

Don't give up and smile to all challenges in life. You may not over come the problem but you will gradually learn of not to repeat those mistakes in life again. All the best to you and your family.


Hello dear friend @andyjim I appreciate your visit and the company that you give me every day, always making meaningful and motivating comments. you are very gentle, your words are very important to me
have a great day, enjoy it a lot.


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how are you dear friends @hivebuzz good afternoon
This information is incredible, it is a very large sum, I really appreciate what you do to keep us informed
I take the opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

Hello @jlufer, thanks for your nice comment!
We are fine and wish you the same 😊 Well played for your payout!
See you soon 😉👍

Dear friend @jlufer! You can really see beauty in many "usual" things around. I love the shapes of the clouds you presented in this post and I wish you success in the contest.

how are you dear friend @olgavita good afternoon
Very happy to know that my images have been to your liking, I appreciate with all my heart your kind words and the enormous support you provide to my post.

have a beautiful afternoon, enjoy it a lot

Beautiful clouds!'It is almost clear!

It is a typical summer sky dear friend @ silversaver888, it is common to see clear and appreciate some other beautiful formations.
I appreciate with all my heart the great support you give me
have a beautiful night, happy dreams

Juraba que habia comentado tu publicación, una hermosa participación @jlufer