The colors of springtime

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Although it is raining today, the past few days spent outdoors sitting in the sunshine has been a huge boost to my mental health. A long dreary Wisconsin winter tends to wear me down.

I wrote a check for an additional $500 above what I had budgeted for snowplowing and took a deep breath and mailed it off to my snowplow guy today. He has been here and spread some dirt and grass seed on the areas where he damaged the lawn with his snow plow, so I have absolutely no complaints about the work he does. I just hope that is the last of the money I have to pay him until next winter! Between snowplowing and heating bills, winter is expensive!

Spring almost seems like a reward for making it through the dark days!



Siberian Squill

Siberian Squill


Dwarf Iris and Crocus

"Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is."... Jessica Harrelson


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All of these photos look great! I like the Siberian Squill because it looks like a pixies skirt; and it looks like the Dwarf Iris and Crocus on the right of the last picture are playing instruments and the one on the left is the conductor hehe. 😁

Great imagination! I can totally see it!

Haha, thank you. I love pixies. :)

beauty of nature💖

I love the beauty of springtime!

To be honest, I hate my mental state during winters as well. Days when there is more darkness than sun are really exhausting. I couldn't wait spring to come, those smells in the air, various colors and the chirping of birds just fulfills my soul!

Beautiful collection right there Melinda, have a nice and warm day 😊

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 51 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Yay. Glad spring is upon you. Great flower photos but I like best those crocuses. First time I've seen one. Their flowers look a bit heart shaped.

I absolutely feel your pain! I am so glad I don't live there anymore and can come visit in the good weather days. Spring in Wisconsin is a very magical time especially after a long hard winter, your photos show how magical the early blossoms are as they peak out of the cold winter ground. In a few weeks I'm coming up to visit my bff in WI, I'll be around the Dodgeville area.

That is such a pretty part of the state! I love the hills. I'm further east, near Janesville. I hope you have a lovely visit!

Thank you, I will have a great time, and I'm hoping to get out in some of the woods to find some interesting photos to capture.

Wow I love these flowers, It was snowing today here in Austria. winter came back and I really hate it. I hope it will get warm soon.

Always is a pleasure see some pictures with color. Today take some pictures and I thought about you.

Didn't realize you also had to pay a snowplower that would be a expensive winter thank God for all those lovely spring flowers that would put a smile on your face 😊

Snow removal gets expensive during winters when we get frequent snowfalls. He only plows when we get more than 2 inches, but we got a lot of snow he was here often this winter.

Just wasn't aware that you would have to pay for it i thought it was council or road works to take care paid by your taxes or council rates but it is what it is i suppose.

Everyone is always responsible for plowing their own driveways and sidewalks, even in town where the city plows the streets.
I have to pay to have my drive and walkways plowed. I also live on a private road that is not maintained by the county and my neighbors and I must divide up the cost of snowplowing and road repairs between us.

Understand fair enough. Have a great weekend @melinda010100 😊

wow... that is a lot of money - for one snowplough. ?

Pretty flowers every where.

The spring is a lively emblem of the Resurrection. - Anne Bradstreet

Terry, the snowplow guy, gives an estimate at the beginning of the season for what he expects his services to cost. I had paid the estimated amount, but this year we had so many snowfalls that it went over his estimate. I live on a private road and he also keeps the road plowed and the hills sanded, and I pay, together with my neighbors, for that service. So snow plowing gets expensive!

I see. I guess it is difficult to know in advance how much to cost.

Have a great weekend.

very beautiful snaps...

Thanks so much!

Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is." And yet these days I have so much greef that the nicest signs of beautiful spring make it hard to smile ,
I do wanted to come by and let you know that I don’t visit enough but I lived the pictures, the macro of the snow whites as we say in our family is velvet sweet

I am so sorry that you are having hard times. You need a good car race. 😘

How completely joyous are your pretty spring flowers @melinda010100. Sorry to hear that essentials like heat costs so much, to me that are a necessity and not something companies charge too much for😊 xx

I believe our heating cost are very reasonable and my home is well insulated, but it does cost more to heat when it is -10F/-23C than it does on a beautiful sunny spring day! It is always nice not to have winter heating bills during the summer months!

Absolutely and thankfully we live in a climate that allows us to wear warm clothing only. We have the option of reverse air conditioning but for us we are fine unless the adult kids come to visit.