¨Amazing Nature¨ ¨Thematic Challenge¨ - # 3/1/21 Nature within everyone's reach

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If you love nature you will want to know that there is an¨Amazing NatureCommunity¨:  place where you can host your content, and interact with others who feel the same things that you do about nature; This post is to accompany our friend @bucipuci who invites us to participate in this splendid ¨Amazing Nature Contest¨ I invite you to participate by entering here:  to consult the conditions

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For a community to function, all members must be committed; In this community there are many people who contribute a lot to the smooth running; Today I wanted to thank you all @adalger @redheadpei, @nelinoeva @ink-tertuang @juanbg @bucipuci

10% of the proceeds from this post will go to our beloved ¨Amazing NatureCommunity¨

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This week's theme is very interesting ¨CITY¨ ¨PARK¨, and is designed for those people who are not so lucky to have nature close by; I am blessed to live in a city like mine, here nature coexists with the city in perfect harmony, those of us who live here have nature around the corner; On this occasion I want to introduce you to a huge property that is at the service of ¨lovers¨ of nature called ¨Nuestra¨ ¨Mistress¨ of the ¨huerto¨

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This large property has a privileged location, its more than five hectares is in the heart of the city; Many years ago a family donated the land thinking about what it is today, a huge park with hundreds of species of plants, trees and birds; Also inside is located a ¨botany¨ school.

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If you visit this place you will be greeted by ¨mboty¨, a howler monkey who has lived on the premises for many years

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The place is home to many birds of different species; This is a gray-breasted thrush

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There are many varieties of trees, this ceibo tree is one of them, also this is special for us because it is our national tree

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Many floral plants beautify the place, gladioli never go unnoticed

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¨Amazing Nature¨ does things in a way that always surprises you, it brings a natural charm to our lives; We were able to take these beautiful photographs thanks to our ¨Nikon Coolpix B500¨ camera


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hello dear friends @pixresteemer good day
Thank you very much for brightening my morning with your support.
I take this opportunity to wish you all a splendid day

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looks so perfect, are all these pictures in the countryside you live, looks very peaceful. :)

how are you dear friend @ ink-tertuang good afternoon
This property is a few blocks from my house, in the heart of the city, you enter there, and it is as if it were in the amasonic jungle, families visit on weekends to be in contact with nature.
Thank you very much for your time in visiting and commenting on my post.
have a splendid afternoon

Thank you for entering the competition.
Rare and beautiful place. It is all the more rare because it was provided by a private person to the public.


hello dear friend @bucipuci good afternoon

There are actions that indicate that not everything is lost, that there are good-hearted people who do incredible actions, if this person had not made this donation for this beautiful botanist to be built, it would have been left for the municipality, without a doubt they would have already parceled it and sold, the value of this property is incalculable for its location.
The nature here is incredible
Thank you very much for your kind words

have a splendid afternoon


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This is really Nature within everyone's reach!
Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos @jlufer
and the beauty of your country!
Have a nice day!

hello dear friend @ silversaver888
I must admit that I live in a city where nature predominates and allows me to take many photographs of them. this place is simply magical, one enters there and it is as if passing through a tunnel in time.

I really appreciate your kind words and the company you provide to my publications

have happy dreams

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