¨Amazing Nature Contest¨2021 # 4 Visiting the ¨museum¨ of ¨ciencias¨ in my city

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Today I want to show you our ¨museum¨ of ¨science¨:  ; Those of us who ¨love¨ ¨nature¨ would like to spend the whole day, learning about animals, birds, plants, insects from this area of the ¨world¨

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Today I want to show you the surrounding nature and some works of art that have been made in honor of the ¨museum¨; On another occasion we will completely explore its interior

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This museum has a really privileged place, it is located by the river in the heart of the city of Corrientes; Have this beautiful property, where what nature stands out is something unique and unmatched

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¨I love my city, there are few places like this in the world, where the city and nature coexist in complete harmony

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how are you dear friend @yogeshbhatt good afternoon
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have a beautiful afternoon

I am fine sir . And you ??
Thans sir ji happy afternoon 🙏🙏

Have not been to a museum like this since my boys were young, all they wanted to see were the dinosaur skeletons.

Work associate was a member of Lepidopterists Society of Africa sharing his massive collection, and valuable information which has now been donated to this society.

Times have changed I have not been to anything like this in many years.


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hello dear friend @joanstewart good afternoon
It's true, kids go crazy with dinosaurs, mine did too.
This place is very crowded, beyond all the science work, they do it for all the nature that is around them. there is the special attraction of the place.
Thank you very much for this warm visit and your kind words
have a splendid afternoon


Good place to start unusual interests, seeing museums makes one realize how many animals are no more, what we are able to do now to help nature recover, live in harmony with what is around us.

Have a wonderful day!

It would be very good for people to become aware of what is happening in our environment and begin to act accordingly. I take this opportunity to wish you a happy day
stay safe and take care dear friend @joanstewart

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That is a good museum... and learn about animals and birds.
Sculpture all around too!

hello dear friend @ silversaver888 good afternoon
If the museum is very interesting, there are many things to learn about the fauna and flora of our area
but the special attraction is in its natural environment and its location next to the river
thank you very much for this pleasant visit
have a beautiful night

beautiful picture of nature, all trees are looking very amazing, so old trees spreading love in nature so nice

Hello dear friend @yousafharoonkhan very happy that my images are to your liking.
this is a beautiful place where nature predominates.
Thank you very much for all the support you give me
have a great day

@jlufer - I am so happy that I can enjoy your lovely city from your photos again. Apart from rush green big tree and landscape in the city, it is surprise me with Museum of Science that situated nearby the river. Landscape and art sculpture of the museum are so interesting and beautiful.

Have a great day. !ENGAGE 25

its special location and being surrounded by nature makes this place special dear friend @andyjim. The people here are committed to the environment, the artists usually donate their works for this type of thing.
I appreciate with all my heart the great support you give me
enjoy your day a lot


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Hehe, I remember that as a child a hated to visit the museum, but older I grew the more I was always fascinated by them ^^

How are you dear friend @adalger good afternoon
When we are children we do not fully understand museums, usually we find it boring,

now that we know and love nature we love to visit these places and discover what were the reasons for some species extinction and what to do to prevent the rest

I really appreciate this pleasant visit, have a splendid afternoon