Fox in the dunes

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About this photo

I love nature photography. Taking pictures of wild animals in their natural habitat. When I was waling in the dunes I spotted this beautiful fox. He (or she) wasn't impressed by my presence so I could take some nice pictures. Unfortunately I don't have the equipment to take really nice close ups. If I make enough Hive I'll order a zoom lens for my Canon EOS M50.


About my picture a day:

I've been photographing for quite some years. Not always very active and I've never I have outgrown the amateur status. But I like photographing. Over the past years I've used several different camera's and created thousands of photos. All of them safely stored in a photo archive.
Every day I'm going to share one of the pictures in my archive that I like.

If you have any remarks or questions, feel free to share them in the comments 😊

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Love the fox photo, I enjoy seeing what photos you have taken. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the nice words. Just stay tunes, I will keep posting them :)