Second Winning When You Can't Do Anything

in LIFT UP3 months ago

Life is not always beautiful. We have to go through hard times sometimes. But are you sure that difficult times will befall you for the rest of your life? Or pleasure will also stick with you throughout your life? Life is like a wheel that keeps turning sometimes above sometimes below,

Do you know, when the wheel is at the lowest point, that point will immediately rise. It means that when you experience difficulties that you are not able to overcome, you will immediately rise up and go on to happiness.

In the match there is something called second winning. Well, victory after defeat. However, the second winning can be obtained not without a struggle. You must continue to make a break while at the lowest point. That last effort will make the victory. If it is in the lowest state, you stop turning the wheel, the wheel will stop and it will not turn again so that the low point remains below. But if it's the worst time, you keep trying, then you will be able to overcome all the problems at hand.


Herein lies a success. Success when you are able to rise from adversity. If you are not able to get up, then bad conditions will stick around. So get up when you feel unable to get up, because in fact you have won.

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