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Globally, the experts in financial crimes sector believe that the best way to combat the financial crimes is to create awareness about them.
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As we all know, today our economic and financial systems are suffering negative impacts caused by frauds and abuse of power.
Here the question arises, how can we help those who are victim of such financial crimes ?

Though directly we can not help those who lost the money to recover the financial losses, as there are different legal processes involved in every country, I am sure that by creating the awareness about different schemes, we can definitely reduce the future attempts of frauds against the individuals and the companies.

What is Financial Crime ?

Any crime which cause financial damage to individual or any entity is a financial crime. This includes ponzi schemes, rogue trading, inside trading, frauds, scandals, scams, money laundering, terror funding etc.

New Community

We have created a small video to give an understanding about the financial crimes and the financial crimes community. This video is published on dtube and the same can be viewed here.

This is a small 82 seconds video that express the need of the financial crimes in a visual manner.

Why this community ?

Fraudsters always share the information. History reveals that they create the schemes collectively and pass on the details in the small groups, communities and through the subscribed blogs.

Financial Criminals are always one step ahead of the law makers. They find out different ways to beat the laws.

We are not the lawmakers. But we can spread the information in the decentralized manner. Creating more content and sharing the different schemes of frauds across the world is the objective of forming this community.

Logo of this community

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This is the logo of the community we have created. We also need the investigative stories to be published in this community. In the crypto currency world, we often face this question. People lose their bitcoins and other currencies but very few get to know, who really did this.
There are very few mainstream media outlets, which create awareness about the financial crimes. Those cases in public domain are just the tip of the iceberg.

My introduction

I am a financial blogger. I was writing all around the internet on financial crimes and specially about money laundering.

I arrived on hive, when the #proofofbrain community was borne. It was accidental.

I always felt that committing the financial crimes is the work of brain. Hence, I got attracted to this community and started contributing on the topics of money laundering. Soon I became part of this community. Its a wonderful community which encouraged me to work on my priorities.

In last three months of exploration, I realized the importance of the Hive community and decided that I would set up a new community to fight the financial crimes. There are a few writers already, who are writing about the topic, but there is no dedicated community for the same.

I am the leader of this community on financial crimes.

Future of this community

We are confident that as will grow the community step by step, with the help of our subscribers and their content as well as the staff, this community will bring quality posts to Hive blockchain. In addition, there would be the possibility of receiving support from the OCD Community as this is one of the unique communities on the topic. With the support from OCD this can really be a huge project, I am foreseeing that this could be something like decentralized version of International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which leaks Panama, Bahama Papers and make investigative stories all across the world.



I am very optimistic that this community will help the Hive platform to attract some high profile reporters, financial consultants and corporates if we make this a really successful community.

Lets come together and fight the peril of financial crimes together.


This is a fantastic development, I am sure there would be a lot of value addition. I am sure the #pob community will be benefitted out of this new community. Lets make this community success and lets keep the fraudsters and launderers away from our systems.

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Will it shy away from Hive-related topics just because of the platform the community is on?

Hi @joebrochin thank you for subscribing to the community. You are welcome to contribute to the community and I just added you as the moderator of the community. Feel free to post your content through this community and lets see the positive difference.

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Thank you for the confidence but I don’t think I’m the right person to be moderator. My content area is more directed at ITSM, IT Policy, and Cyber related stuff. I subscribed from purely a content consumer and curation standpoint.

My question was meant to be more clear than it came across. What I meant was, will you be writing and accepting content that questions or reports about possible financial crimes related to Hive?

I have seen your profile. Though the topic looks like financial crimes, its not just reporting frauds across the world but it is also about preventing, where IT securities play a significant role. You will bring altogether a new perspective to this community and I will try my best to upvote it. About your second question, fraud is fraud. It can happen anywhere and there is no reason why we can not accept the financial crimes questioning hive too. In both the cases, the performance of content is not guaranteed but I would try my best.

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Great. I will see what I can provide to the community. Thank you.

This community is meant exactly for you. Though a lot of contributors write about the subject of cyber crimes and frauds, there are no collective efforts to promote the content, with the new community in place may be what you post can be promoted on different communities. @interpretation can do it on #pob you can do it on #hive. So it would be more focussed and structured now. May be we can post your next article using and can see the difference. Just don't forget to add #proofofbrain and #leofinance tags to your post in addition to your other tags.

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May be I can be of some help to this community with my twitter account. I have been tweeting a lot about the developments on #hive and now I can make sure to post the same on financial crimes. It would have more mainstream application and I would like to be a part of @joebrochin's initiatives on IT security as he is doing some really remarkable posts on IT security. I can't wait to see and read his posts.

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Thanks for the kind words @gimmetricks1 . I will see what I can do in the future and make no guarantee as to my ability to produce regularly but will make some type of effort.

Thanks. I had planned to make my next post to POB as an experiment, but rethinking that. It just seems like a self licking ice cream cone right now to me. Every other post just seems to be about POB itself. We will see.
Love your interaction on my posts over at Stemgeeks though.

such a relevant topic. best wishes for the success of the community

Hi @eolianpariah thank you for the good wishes. I would really appreciate if you can join the community, so that I can give your comment some boost here on the #pob platform.

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This sounds awesome. There is definitely a need to create more awareness about financial crimes. Tech is becoming too complicated for an average human to understand, which has created more opportunities for exploitation. Great initiative 👏

And also besides creating awareness about financial crimes, this community can also constitute content about digital security of general users and consumers - just a thought.

Best wishes

That is a really good suggestion. We can definitely add the content which would help us to speak about the digital security in general. I would be really glad to have you as the contributor or moderator on the community and would be happy to see your expert advise on the topic.

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Like seriously you have said it all, which I think this will bring positivity to the community

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How about joining the community, so that I can upvote your comment with a good #pob value.

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Boss I have leant a lot in this community and all what I leant improve me positive in my life style.
Not just for fun but future purposes in term of investment

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Honestly you have said it all. Finacial crime needs to be combatted with severity. I also sincerely believe that this hive platform will help to attract positive thinking people that will add value to this platform.

Thanks for sharing...

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You are right my friend, If we get to learn from the experiences of the investigators and the regulators or even from those who became victim of frauds, I am sure that we will have a lot to learn and to save.

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Tobe honest if this financial crime can be resolved in our societies today the world will be a better place too be. Because this is a major problem countries face. Govt money money through all means without considering the damage they are causing in the economy.

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@da-prince you said it. We can make the world a better place if we can reduce the impact of the cyber and financial crimes. Lets spread the word about preventing them. You can join the community here and start contributing.

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Such a great one. These are crimes that need to the thoroughly tackled as much abuse abound in the financial scene.

More awarenesses is indeed needed. Having the OCD community on this will greatly help in the attraction and onboarding.

Looking forward to see how this platform grow here and out

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@jersteemit thank you for the appreciation. I would also request you to subscribe to the community so that we create some really collective impact against the crimes.

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My pleasure. Subscribed

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After going through this , I still found it difficult to understand because we have financial Crimea going on in each COUNTRY. Are we to post about the country it has been or is taken place? Will it be limited to country alone or other bodies?
The fact remains that, fraudulent is everywhere and trying to make our country free from all these atrocities will be our watchword.
Do we need to say that there is financial crimes right here on hive or on other platforms?

Financial crimes don't have any boundaries. You are free to post about financial crimes irrespective of the country, body or any other restriction. I would be glad to see your post. Feel free to join the community so I can upvote your comment with good #pob value.

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Well i think considering most of these projects are unregistered securities especially the for profit get rich ones .. i'm guessing most of them would be considered a crime.

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I would really like to hear more from you. I would be really happy if you can subscribe to the community and start contributing. I would be glad to promote your comment.

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i'd love to participate but for some reason peakd doesn't load for me. is it viewable from or another tribe?. We also invite you to use our platform to put your group there. We have a group area and you can also earn our tokens just by forming a group as well as vote on important changes to the platform.

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