This Social Media Coin is Exploding!

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Well, not "this" social media coin but "that" social media coin 😁

We can't be active on every social blockchain. So we pick the best community where we find ourselves more comfortable than other places. But as an investor, we can invest in any other coin that could reap good profits to us. Isn't it?

So for about a month I was watching this coin called ONG.
ONG is an ERC-20 token that used to stand for One-Name Global but the platform is now called SoMee. I hope ONG token should also be rebranded to some new name soon.

I first downloaded SoMee mobile app way back in late 2018 when it integrated cross-posting feature with Steemit. But I never used it.

For some time the SoMee blockchain was under development and reward system was not functional in the app. But today SoMee has soft launched with a major announcement.

It has re-enabled its reward system with special Superpowers offering for its existing users.

It's soon gonna announce partnerships with some big social media influencers to onboard new users and sell its various power-up package bundles. These packages are bundled with KYC to offer at discounted price to new users.


About a month back SoMee's utility token ONG was priced as low as $0.0059 and today it rose to $0.078 though at the time of writing this, the prices has pulled back to $0.049.

I don't know much about the SoMee platform but one thing that pulls me towards it is its marketing. For some time, many of my Facebook friends were talking to join this platform. I've never heard the name of Steemit or Hive or Lbry or Uptrennd or any other blockchain based platform from my Facebook friends. So I was surprised and wanted to see what SoMee has got better than others. I think it's its strong marketing techniques that's pulling users to them.

So I was thinking whether it presents a good investment opportunity but I'm still reluctant as I'm not very well acquainted with the platform.

How do you feel about the SoMee platform?

NOIA Network

Another project that attracted my attention is NOIA. I did acquire some NOIA coins through running its node about a year or two back when they were in their initial stage of launch. However, I sold all my NOIA coins when they get listed and their rates pumped to around $0.05. But its prices kept sliding down during the long bear market.

Last month it was floating as low as $0.015.

But today NOIA Netowrk announced a huge partnership. It has partnered with Oracle by joining its Partner Network. With this NOIA platform will be listed on Oracle Cloud Marketplace and it hopes to drive adoption with their 25+ million cloud users.

The news made NOIA reach close to its All Time High of $0.096 today. But it witnessed some pull back and is currently trading around $0.087.

I see NOIA as a very promising project that can change the functioning of internet as we see it today. If this partnership can drive adoption even to some extent, it can have a very positive impact on its price.

Both of the above news seems quite bullish to me. But still not bullish enough to make me instantly buy into their coins. What about you?

Do you think these are good investment opportunities?


thanks man, going to have to check this out, peace !!

I am on SoMee for over 2 months and a lot of thing does not work well. The network is slow and I don't know the direction of where they want to go.

Yeah, there were lot of problems. I hear, a lot of spam was also there. But did nothing change with this new update?

Thanks for sharing your experience with SoMee.

In the latest update, we start to see the reward value on the posts. A lot of folks post simple pictures a couple times a day, so I call it spam in my dictionary.

I did not like SoMee earlier it good now?

I can't say, I ain't using it. But you need to check to compare with what it was earlier. There must be some improvements, if not many.