Hey, I Won a Lottery Today!

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Yesss, I won a lottery today. I bought only one ticket and that was the winning one!

Although the prize amount wasn't any big, the feeling of winning something boost your enrgiy levels. 🙂

This was not just any random lottery but the very first lottery draw on a newly launched lottery platform from Netbox Global.

If you don't know Netbox, it's the first blockchain based web browser. Your Netbox browser is a blockchain node in itself with the wallet embedded. When you use this browser, you also earn NBX coins, the native coin of Netbox blockchain, as rewards.

It is a Chromium based browser so almost all Chrome based browser extensions work with it. Therefore, using this browser doesn't feel any different from using a Chrome browser except that it also earns you some NBX coins.

Yesterday, Netbox Global released Netbox Lottery with transparency, anonymity and provably fair randomness of blockchain.

This lottery has two draws - a daily draw plus a jackpot draw every fortnight, for every ticket The daily draw has a 65% chance of win on every ticket. So the winning prize isn't much but it gives back the ticket price and a little more.



Lottery ticket is priced at 15 NBX and a win in the daily draw means a prize of 20 NBX. 5% of total collection is burned to generate scarcity for NBX coins. The rest is transferred to the Jackpot prize full for a draw everey 15 days.

Through the use of Netbox browser, I get about 50-60 coins every month. So I planned to buy one ticket every week to get a chance at Jackpot twice a month. But on the very first day itself, I won the daily draw. So I purchased yet another ticket for tomorrow's draw 😁. Even if I lose, I'll have two tickets for the next Jackpot.

1027 tickets were sold on the very first day and I hope sales will increase by each passing day. So there is less than 1 in 15000 probability to win a Jackpot. Still, I'm participating in it. My thinking is that at least I should have my presence, just in case, I get lucky!

Will you term my actions as a bad bet or merely a wishful thinking? Is it like searching a needle in a pile of hay or do I have a chance?

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