Get $20 FREE for HODLing $200 for a Month

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"$20 FREE" may not sound very attractive offer to many, but for me, it's a big amount not to be missed.

With the rise of several De-Fi products, competition among crypto lending and wealth management platforms like Celsius, Nexo, BlockFi, has increased tremendously. Many of them are offering a good interest rate for Hodling coins which we used to hodl anyway.

Some of these are also running lucrative promotions to acquire new customers and fund. So joining a new platform entitles you for some reward over and above their interest rate.

Investments in these platforms help me hodl some coins for long term. So I thought to invest a small sum in all of these platforms to claim their introductory promotions. This strategy also help in distributing my crypto to multiple platforms, thus reducing the risk of exposure to a single platform.

So far, I've tried BlockFi, & Atomic Wallet. Well Atomic Wallet doesn't fall in this category but it gives a good staking reward. All these platforms rewarded me over $50 each through their promotional offers or referral programs.

But now I was looking for another one :)

Recently, Celsius Network increased its reward for new customers from $10 on a $100 deposit to $20 on a $200 deposit. I had already opened an account with Celsius two years back when their app was launched. But I didn't had any fund to invest then. I just did it out of curiosity. In fact, I was more interested in Nexo at that time. Thus I was not a new customer to them.

However, when I tried to login to the app, I couldn't. There are multiple options to login to the app like using your password, Twitter, Google account etc. But nothing worked for me. Their support team told me that I had used Facebook to login to their app ..and it worked :). But they told me that my referral had expired by mow.

Since I had never used their app except testing their interface (which by the way was better than the current version), their support person agreed to credit me with $20 in locked rewards. What else did I want! 🙂

Celsius has grown up now with over 135000 people using their app and has over $700 M worth of total assets under their management. Their token CEL is also performing great and is currently around $0.40. I hope it will soon break into the top 50 coins. However, I ain't investing in CEL.

Compared to other similar services, Celsius has a wide range of options for coins to be deposited or borrowed. However, I deposited an ETH and opted for interest to be paid in same currency though I'd get a better interest rate if I choose to be paid in CEL.

The interesting thing about their interest rate is that it's dynamic and is adjusted according to the market conditions every week. So no commitments except an assurance that they pay highest rate by distributing 80% of revenue received from borrowers. Interest is also paid every week.

I'll see which of these pays a better return over a period of time.

Have you deposited any crypto in any of these services? Which one you found the best among them?

If you haven't used these yet and want to try, would you like to use my referral links? Here they are:

(1) Join Celsius Network using my referral code 18278714f9 when signing up and earn $20 in BTC with your first deposit of $200 or more!

(2) Deposits $100+ worth of crypto to their BlockFi Interest Account, you will earn a one time bonus of $10 in BTC.

(3) Use my referral link to sign up for and get $50 USD when you stake 50 MCO for 6 months. Max staking reward for coin CRO is 18% (for 3 months' term).

And finally, I'm looking for the next deposit platform with a good offer. If you know of any, do not hesitate to share your referral links in comment box below.

And yes, for those who already have Celsius app and want to invest more, they keep coming up with some promo codes with offers of rewards. Keep an eye on them. One such promo code, I know of is SPRING. Use this to get $10 on a fresh deposit of $100. I hope it's still valid. I think, I should try it too ;)

Thank you!


nice information and a chance to earn some $. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for appreciating it!

I have it since 1,5 year and like it a lot. I can recomend celsius.

Thanks for such a positive feedback. Have you ever compared the interest earnings from Celsius with other products or DeFi? How does it fare?

Have not compare. I like celsius because the rates but most of all by the security. I like companies that is accepted of many companies at market and have a high trust.

Good and a simpler way to evaluate a company.

I do not like to deposit money for any time length but I sure should look at this one. How long have you been on this platform ?

I'm having this app in my device for over 2 years now but it was only recently when I actually made a deposit. You may like to compare average interest rates with other products before deciding. For me, the $20 offer was enough to break the ice :). In fact, I had planned to rotate my deposit to all these services one by one and claim rewards from all. But somehow I stuck with each one of them ...too lazy and reluctant to pay the transaction charges, you know! :)