🔥 Is ChainLink an overhyped Crypto Project or will they actually deliver?

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Hello HODLers,

This is my 2nd post on #Chainlink $LINK Cryptocurrency. I have been investigating the project for some days and I will show some findings.


If you would like to read my first enquiry with Zeus Capital Short-Seller Report; click here: Detective CryptoLemon is investigating #ChainLink $Link and the latest Zeus Short-seller report !

I will go in a separate post over ALL the different point that Zeus Capital raised. I checked some of them that seem legit.

This article will be focused on the Media promotion/Marketing tone of the #Chainlink project.


In most "overhyped" projects, the company will tend to overhype its usually large community of followers about deals/opportunity.

As we use mostly Twitter in the CryptoSphere, I decided ot investigate this media and their latest reports.

$LINK Marines (HODLers and Believers in Chainlink) are the basis of their social media presence. As for any project, most are probably hopeful investors/enthusiasts in the $LINK Project.

I decided to compare another project that used to be HYPED a lot an have its XRP / Ripple Army !



Ripple which has been for a long time in the TOP3 has close to 1mn followers on Twitter.

This translates in close to 1000 likes per tweet announcing interviews/partnerships.


Checking their followers, most seem like real ones

Let's look at CZ (Binance CEO) Twitter impact



CZ from Binance is one of the most influential person on Twitter as he has more than 500k followrs which translates in close to 500 likes per tweet.

What about #Chainlink?



Chainlink Official account is one of the least followed on Twitter out of the Top 20 CryptoProjects.

But having less than70k Twitter Followers is not preventing them from getting close to 2k likes per tweet (twice Ripple's).

If we do some quick calculation, taking the least popular Chainlink's tweets:

Ripple has 1000 likes for 1mn follower : 0.1%
CZ from Binance has 500 likes for 500k followers: 0.1%
Chainlink has 1000 likes for 67k followers: 1.5%


In addition, it has been shared and liked a lot. Looking at some of the likes, we can see that there are a lot of weird accounts a.k.a bots liking their tweets?


What about these Partnerships and Deals?


Lately, Chainlink announced a partnership with T-systems (some subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom focused on Blockchain Technologies)

Reading the PR from T-systems it is written:

By providing real-world data into the Chainlink network, T-Systems MMS engages in a form of infrastructure provisioning also known as “Generalized Mining”, where it provides an IT service to a blockchain network while getting rewarded in digital assets for reliably doing so. As the value locked on the application level such as DeFi is significant, such IT services play an important role in the overall Ethereum ecosystem.

So, Chainlink is communicating on "Buying" datas from Deutsche Telekom. But you would have to open the PR to understand fully the extent.

I even got a response from @T-systems


@chainlink Twitter's pinned tweet



Just reading their pinned tweet: "Google is one of the great companies integrating #Chainlink into their approach for smart contract adoption"

If you do not open the link, you would think Google is involved into integrating some kind of project with Chainlink.

Well, I read the PR. It is just a Blog post from google Cloud explaining how you can do a smart contract linking Ethereum, Google Cloud solutions and a Chainlink oracle.

I could sum up this article as written in the blog post

How to use the BigQuery Chainlink oracle

In this section we'll describe how useful applications can be built using Google Cloud and Chainlink.

After being targeted by Zeus Capital Report, Chainlink began announcing a lot of partnerships/deals/integrations.

The latest being one with a group of South Korean Banks. Same thing, big announcement here


In the blog we can read :Chainlink also all works with large enterprises such as Google, Oracle, and SWIFT.

Well.. We went over the google "partnership" I think... Overhyping once again.

In addition, the tweet suggest Chainlink has been selected. Well we do not know if there was a competitor and more importantly, except if I misunderstand Chainlink is once AGAIN buying datas from these banks !

Well, the 2nd part is over.

We are still waiting answers from Chainlink's team concerning the Zeus Report and I will update you as soon as we do.

What we can conclude is that Chainlink is indeed promoting very actively even small events and seems to have a way to benefit from increased interactions and coverage on social media to share its PRs.

I would be very thankful if you could share or like this post if you enjoyed it. Cheers !

None of this is financial advice and I do not pretend to know the truth about this; nevertheless I think I highlighted some grey areas and can only tell you to do your own research before investing.


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Good stuff @vlemon,

Chainlink is definitely taking a page out of the XRP/IOTA bogus "partnership" playbook:

  • Crafty PR phrased very carefully to make you think they have business relations where there's in fact none.

  • Bribing companies with LINK token so they can become "partner nodes", costs nothing to the company behind ChainLink (they pay using their own token), "partners" get paid and Chainlink can announce another "partnership" where really the partner is just providing an API...

On a technical point I think there's also an argument to be made that the oracle problem is simply intractable... making it a consensus thing as ChainLink is doing doesn't solve anything imo...

I would definitely stay away from this project, completely over-hyped and over-bought

A great answer as usual and I could not agree more.

I cannot believe it has been 10 days and they did not even mention or try to call out any point of the Zeus Report.

That seems crazy to me ! 😂

Yeah better try to call it fake and hope people will move on...

The biggest redflag around ChainLink for me is that I've never seen someone from their team appear on the podcasts I trust, all their marketing is focused on 4chan, tweeter, youtube...

Hats off to you for your in-depth investigation on this important project. Seems you're on to something huge!

We're "thrilled" to get this market stirring scoop from you ...in partnership with Hive blockchain, Peakd dApp & HODL community on a graphene blockchain! 🙂

What makes me kind of sure Zeus Capital is right is the reaction I get from $LINK's marines.

They never answered these questions or look at it from a neutral point of view.

When I raised points they link 2019 videos, etc... saying Nazarov replied to these points. Which he never did or I am still waiting to have the "good link".

Well, Part 3 incoming on the business mode. But overall, people just have to read Zeus Capital report and they will get it.

The only thing I found VERY stupid from this short-seller is that there is a financial company named Zeus Capital, which added some confusion...

I think it’s way overvalued it has yet to actually prove anything and it’s staking rewards via link pool are the only think keeping HOLDrs happy! Many of these announcements aren’t that great in any case

They also not the only oracle based chain in the game so there’s a limit to how much they can grow as other providers opt for other oracles and they compete for connections to data providers

I do own some just for the hype happy to tell it once it pumps

Interesting, ive been seeing chainlink around and to me I thought its just one of those gems I have no choice but to miss out on. Now I'm seeing it differently. Thanks for the update

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Well, this is just my take. But I would invest in maybe more "secure" projects such as ETH, etc...

PS: I hate you for using @dapplr ! hahaha I only have an iPhone so I need to wait

Hehehe oops sorry!

they are not getting even 10% likes from their followers on twitter??? it really alarming how they have manipulated