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Quick update about the latest news and upgrades on Torum, the amazing crypto-social I have the honor of being an Ambassador!

Torum is a social media platform that is specially designed for cryptocurrency users. In short, Torum connects worldwide crypto addicts and enthusiasts and provides a one-stop crypto services in a scalable ecosystem. This is the whitepaper link:

- Torum mobile app is in Beta Testing phase:


- Transition from Ethereum blockchain to Binance Smart Chain:


- Mission Reward Halving:


- Torum Closes $1.45M Private Round with Prominent Crypto VCs:


Earn crypto engaging in a crypto-centric social network:
Join Torum, the first social media platform built for cryptocurrency communities around the world, and earn XTM (XTorum) rewards for your daily and weekly engagement. XTM is the BEP-20 utility token of Torum ecosystem and will be listed on exchanges in April or May 2021. Read Torum Whitepaper to figure out XTM token use-cases and the potential of the platform: Sign up using my referral link and earn 35 XTM airdrop after email and phone verification:


Ci sta che hanno abbasto il guadagno delle missioni , adesso che il progetto è buono ed è pronto ad esplodere vengono tutti mentre noi che ci abbiamo creduto fin da subito ci siamo fatti un bel pò di soldi ahah !WINE !BEER !LUV 1 !PIZZA



@makeitreal95! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @zottone444.

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Ahah esatto giustamente premiati coloro che hanno creduto subito nel progetto. E grazie mille per i tips!!

Di nulla ;) Io purtroppo per un periodo avevo perso la pennetta con alcune password e non riuscivo a resettare la password di Torum poi per fortuna è uscita fuori ahah !WINE !BEER !LUV 1 !PIZZA



@makeitreal95! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @zottone444.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at

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