Ethereum New All Time High + Latest ETH News

in HODL2 months ago


Hello HODLers!

What a great time to be into crypto! Ethereum hits again a new All Time High so it's definitely time to celebrate again!

Meanwhile it's always important to research info and keep studying so I'll share some Ethereum related news with you:

  • Bulls push Ethereum price higher ahead of Friday’s $930M options expiry

Bulls have a $115-million lead on Friday’s $930-million Ethereum options expiry — a signal that ETH could be en route to new all-time highs.


  • Bitcoin dominance teeters at 50% as ETH, altcoins gain traction

The Bitcoin dominance index has collapsed by 20 percentage points since the start of 2021. ETH, BNB and more speculative altcoin bets have seen their dominance rise over the same period.


  • Bitcoin dominance drop and resistance at $55K stoke alt season hopes

Ether’s new all-time high, a drop in Bitcoin’s dominance rate and overhead resistance at $55,000 have analysts predicting that an altcoin season is at hand.


  • Ethereum on a high after European Investment Bank’s $121M digital bond news

ETH prices have cranked 7% over the past 24 hours, outperforming big brother.


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