Are You Ready for CrossPad Public Sale & Listing on PancakeSwap?

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Are you HODLers ready for CrossPad Public Sale and PancakeSwap listing on May 2nd?

CrossPad is the first cross-chain LaunchPad (initially active multichains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Chain, Matic) and without tiers regarding allocations so it will guarantee an allocation to every CROSS hodler.
This two distinctive elements give CrossPad a big competitive advantage in my opinion but you'll find all the info about the project on their website, so do your own researches:

The private Sale has ended some days ago and token has been sold for 0,016$, now on May 2nd will take place the public sale and on the same day, after the public sale has ended, CROSS will be listed on PancakeSwap.

For this reason I'm trying to buy CROSS during the Public Sale, at a price of 0,02$.

In order to get access to the CROSS Public Sale you'll need to subscribe to the Whitelist. Based on the score you reach you'll have access to CROSS Public Sale. You will need to insert you BSC address. This is the link for the Whitelist:

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