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RE: Why do people blame Bitcoin or Victims of Twitter hack?

in HODL3 months ago

Seems as "crypto scam" sells better than "Twitter got hacked". Media is the real scam and alongside the fiat money, that is used in centuries to scam people.

But, yes, you can't blame a low (don't get me wrong) educated person to fall for a trick. Even if one should know that "give me to give back double" isn't working, you can't deny that if Bill Gates or Musk says this, it has a heavily impact..

Lastly, I think that hackers had the same thought with you "several millions and only 300 individuals were scammed" so at the end wasn't that successful..

Twitter got hacked, not Bitcoin!


You so rightly pointed how media and fiat are the biggest scam. The word "scam" attract more attention than the word "hack". But the media didn't had guts to call Twitter a scam, (as it's also a media).

Yes, that is true!