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RE: Serum Listing: A Chance to Become a Millionaire in 2 days

in HODL5 months ago

that's insane... do you think it's still worth buying?

gas fees on metamask have gone insane, to buy $100 or so of anything is over $25


That's not an easy question to answer. I only put $100 into it and it was not intended as investment but more of buying some lottery tickets ...just in case, I win ;)

If you're undecided and looking for investment, I'd suggest to buy and hold for 1-2 days and exit before the snapshot time for lottery. However, I won't suggest using Uniswap for it for this purpose. Even if you're looking for a lottery entry for winning a MSRM, it needs to be staked on FTX. So you will need to open an a/c with FTX ...and it requires KYC. I've already dropped my referral link for it but you can wait prices (& Gas fee) to drop after the draw if you wanna take a long term position in it. Good luck!

hey thanks, it's probably too fast lane for me, but thanks ... and congrats