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That’s a lot of snow to fall making it hard to navigate. I saw on the news your country is getting snow and cold weather in places that haven’t had to deal with these wintry conditions.

Ella took lovely shots showing how deep it is.


I think it is particularly hard in the city when there is no place to shovel it to and no where to get the parked cars out of the way. The good news is that it's supposed to get about freezing next week! A real heat wave!

We were in Charlottetown after a big snowfall and an excavator was loading up dump trucks with snow off the streets. They take the snow out of the city to make room.

Glad you will be in a heat wave Melinda with about freezing temperatures.:)

They load out the snow here when the piles get too big. I'm sure they must do that in Chicago, too.

I'm really ready for some milder weather. This has been a brutal stretch of cold.

I'm worried about Janton. Texas is really hurting right now. Usually I hear from him frequently, but not a word in several days I suspect he is without power and I know he has electric heat. I hope he is staying warm.

I was also wondering how Janton was doing. I haven't heard from him in a long time. He used to post a comment once in awhile on my posts.

This is terrible. The pandemic was bad enough and now the weather is making life harder for folks not used to the extreme cold. It was on the news this A.M. there are 33 dead in Texas because of the bitter cold and no power to keep warm. I hope he and his wife are okay.

There was an email from him this morning. He has had electricity until yesterday when they started doing rolling blackouts. The town's water pipes froze up so they were without water for a couple days. His stepdaughter works at the local truck stop and the lot is jammed with semi trucks because they can't pump fuel when they don't have electricity and all of the diesel is gelled up. They can't let people in to use the restrooms because without electricity there sanitation system does not work , so many truckers have been using the woods out behind the truck stop. Many people have been sleeping in their cars to stay warm and then they go to the gas station when they run their cars low on gas and realize that the pumps don't work without electricity.
I told him he needs to write this up in a post, but I doubt if he will. It is supposed to begin warming up there in a few days.

Wow I hope it warms up before more people freeze to death. They are in no way prepared for this kind of weather.

Thanks for letting me know how @janton is doing in this situation. You had a good suggestion for him to write up the happenings surrounding this unprecedented cold and power outages.

Prayers and blessings to him and Texas.🙏

I worry about all the livestock that is going without water.
And our trucking industry and diesel fuel suppliers have completely failed. What a mess.

Melinda, the news from Texas is terrible - The animals and birds are freezing.
“After rolling power outages plunged much of the state into darkness early this week, animals at the San Antonio Primarily Primates sanctuary froze to death in the winter weather. Among the casualties were a chimpanzee, many monkeys, some lemurs and countless birds.”