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Hi everybody! I am happy to engage in a Mental Health community. I think it could help a lot of people to talk about their personal struggles and to find some support here.

I will like to present in this post some aspects related to mental health and maybe you can benefit from it. Mental health is a complex topic, but we can draw some lines that could help us have a clearer understanding of the topic. So, I will add some information concerning different types of reference points that underlie the notion of mental health

Mental health as a state above normal, as an ideal: it refers to the ability to love, work and play, efficient problem solving, taking action over life, autonomy.

The issues that arise by adopting this definition are those related to intercultural differences, the importance of studying the mentally healthy individual (since prevention plays a more important role than treating the disease once it has occurred), and therapeutic intervention in this respect.

Mental health as positive psychology: it aims to develop qualities that help the individual and the community not only to endure and survive suffering but also to evolve from here; at the individual level of the relevant aspects might refer to the capacity for love and vocation, courage, interpersonal abilities, aesthetic sensitivity, perseverance, forgiveness, originality, openness to the future, spirituality, skills, wisdom, etc.

Positive psychology can lead to reluctance on the part of national health policymakers (eg, there might be a decline in interest in health insurance), might contradict individual personal values, and might lead to antipathy due to its over-optimism.

Mental health as maturity: it considers identity (as opposed to a disorganized identity), close relationships (versus isolation), career consolidation, the ability to generate as a demonstration of a clear ability to care for and altruistically guide the new generation (the quality of consultant, guide, mentor versus stagnation), having a purpose, integrity as self-acceptance (versus despair).

Mental health as socio-emotional intelligence: the perception and conscious modification of one's own emotions, recognition of the emotions of others, negotiation skills in close relationships with others, the ability to focus the emotions on the desired goal.

Mental health as a subjective state of well-being: happiness and personal fulfillment

This way of apprehending mental health is questionable, given the maladaptive behaviors that can be subjectively considered by the individual as indicating well-being, and with subjective mental health research parameters that are vague as compared with objective mental health.

Mental health as resilience: it consists of seeking social support, using conscious cognitive strategies and adaptive defensive mechanisms.

Identifying defenses might pose various problems in this respect. Resilience can play an important role in health and we can pay more attention here to some aspects:

vulnerability: some people are naturally more sensitive to stress and need more assistance than others

extraversion: a moderate level of sociability - in which the individual can appeal to others and receive positive responses from them - is optimal

addiction: less valued in middle age but considered adaptive to old age; the resilient individual can tolerate a reasonable level of dependency in general because he knows that he can provide adequate and equitable resources in return

openness: to be receptive to new experiences, ideas, behaviors, and even values

Hope this information gives you a more specific clue about mental health and helps you to foster it.

Have a nice start of the week ❣️




Thanks for sharing this informative post with us. There are so many interpretations and concepts of what mental health is, and this is a well-presented example of that.

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