Food. Routine. Health. And My Gift To You

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Eating is essential to our survival. It is a symbolic practice.

All cultures have rituals around food.

Spiritually speaking - Hindu, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim + Buddhist traditions have their unique rituals.

Thing is, rituals have slid through the cracks in our modern living when it comes to eating.

We eat on the run, in the car, while doing work on the computer, and while watching TV. Much of the time family members all eat at separate times.

We're fueling, yes, but are we nourishing?

Mealtimes are a perfect time to help increase our body/mind awareness.

Have you found yours dwindling recently??

Adding personal rituals to your dining routine is an elegant way to re-engage and re-connect.

I hope these suggestions help you!

Pre-Meal Set-Up:

  • Get anything non-food-oriented OFF your dining table. (paper, laptop, phone, etc.)
  • Got some flowers or a bunch of fresh herbs? Put them on the table.
  • Put some good music on (my favorites might be ambient, chill, jazz, or classical)
  • Set a proper table, and dim your lights.
  • Pull out a non-scented candle if you wish.

Pre-Meal Pause:

  • Before you begin eating pause and take 5 deep, belly breaths.
  • Give thanks for your meal in any way you choose to.

Practice Mindfulness with the "5-10-15" Ritual:

  • After taking your 5 deep breaths...
  • For each mouthful of food, you take in, make sure you chew a minimum of 10 times.
    Then, please..... Take at least 15 minutes to enjoy your meal sans distractions, and remove your devices off the table.

And here is my gift to you today

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Remember your rituals!

With friendship and respect,