Gajar Matar ki Sabji/ Carrot Green Peas Sabji

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Hello all foodies ...
I love to try new food. I love to explore new dishes and share our local dishes also.

Lets try today

Gajar Matar ki Sabji

Carrot Green Peas Sabji


Carrots are very goid goe eyes. It consists of the vitamin A, B, K, B2 & Potassium.
It is low glycemic index which means it it good for diabetic patients.

Ingredjent list -

Carrots - 0.5 Kg
Green Peas - 0.5 Kg
Onion - 2 no medium size
Oil - 6 Spoon
Garlic - 8 cloves medium size
Cumin Seeds - 0 5 spoon
Green chili- 2 no
Tomato - 1 no medium
Coriander - 1 small bowl
Turmeric - 1 Spoon small
Salt - as per taste
Garam Masala - 1 Spoon small

First of all wash the vegetables with normal water. Lets prepare the vegetable first.


Peel the Carrots and cut into pieces. Check the below picture.


Green peas


Peel the onion and chopped it. And in same way chopped the Tomato, Garlic, Green Chili & Coriander.


Lets start the cooking process.

Place the pan/Kadahi on stove and put the stove on medium flame.


Put the oil in pan/kadahi, make sure the flame should be low.
I am using the mustard oil you can use the available oil also.


Add chopped garlic and srir fry the same. Fry it unil the color will become light brown.


Add Cumin seeds and again stir fry it for few seconds.


Add chopped onion and again dtir fry till the time onion 🌰 becomes light brown.


Add the chopped green chili and again stir fry for dome seconds.


Now add the chopped Tomato 🍅 and again fry it for some time.


Add Turmeric, salt and garam massla and fry it for a minute.


Now is the time to add the Carrots 🥕 and mix it well over tge heat. You can change the flame 🔥 to medium.


Now add the green peas and mix again. Cover it with lid and let the flame 🔥 on medium. Wait
for 15 to 20 minute and let it on medium flame.
Turn off the flame.


Garnish it with Coriander leaves and serve with roti/bread.

Thanks for reading the post.

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