Invitation to The Free Online Global Resilience Summit. May 24-29. Feel Free To Share This With Those In Need.

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👉 I'm going through some physical challenges these days, so I thought about coming in and sharing something for those that go through the same or might need this info for anything related to somatics, embodiment, trauma, mindfulness, mental health awareness, and more.

Maybe you know that, from time to time, I come by and share global events with free entry and hope to meet some of you there.
Today, I am sending you something that I have participated in last year and that sounds interesting to me enough to register for this year's event as well. Maybe it will be of any use to you or to those that you might share it too.



Now...I’m so glad to present to you facts about this powerful and timely event from the wonderful people behind the Heart Mind Institute, which I know about since they opened their "gates", to put it this way.

Their Second Annual Global Resilience Summit is offering us an insightful journey where 40+ wisdom teachers and global thought leaders will unwrap their ideas and perspectives to enhance our individual and collective resilience so that we can face change with (maybe more) wisdom, compassion, and skillful mindsets.

Yes. This is a free online event. And those who'll be there for you are neuroscientists, trauma professionals, mindfulness guides, indigenous figures with an excellent view (I am looking forward to seeing them!), futurists, visionary thinkers, and some sense-makers.
It sounds interesting enough for me to join.
I'm a curious cat and I only chase what intrigues me.

I know. Maybe you want to see some names, but I'll just let you discover them here:



I hope you find this helpful!
It's always up to you how you use information.
Remember, feel free to pass this on to people that might need it. We never truly know what others are going through. That's why I am sharing this with you.

With care,



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