Garden Update on First Week of May

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This is the latest update of my plants in the first week of May. The papaya trees are big and I can now see my pumpkin plant along with some of my sweet potato plants. The squash tree is far from the sweet potato but it only looks close because these two plants are creeping plants.


Can you see what I'm doing in the picture below? That's my sweet potato plant! I help them crawl in the right direction to look beautifully and use their branches and leaves as shelter. I even needed a chair to reach their branches.


In the picture below, you can see one of my papaya plants that have fruit. It’s fun to keep an eye on healthy plants. Just really take care to water from morning and afternoon and add organic fertilizer to the soil. And don’t forget to cultivate the soil so that the roots in the soil can breathe and the water can flow down easily.


Did you see what I did in the picture below? That's the body part of my pumpkin plant. It is necessary to remove some extra branches so as not to deprive the nutrients of other branches that are growing and flowering, especially if they already have fruit.

This is one of the things you should know when planting a pumpkin. It is the same with Bitter Gourd which requires the removal of excess branches to grow properly and bear much fruit.


These are some of the chilies I picked. I picked it up because maybe an Arabic would pick it up before me after praying in their mosque. Often this person does not inform or say that he will take chili from my plant. He thinks these are his own plants. The only thing that annoys this person, after he picked it up, there are broken branches of my chili plant. It's annoying, isn't it?


Let's go to my Bitter Gourd plants. Do you see it in the picture below? The shape is weird, isn't it? haha. That's because of the paper wrapped around them. I had to put it on paper with holes to protect it from bees sucking its sap while it was still fresh. I have already died a lot of Bitter Gourd fruit because of wasps.


Do you know what this can with many holes is used for? Since I don’t have a new plant sprinkler hose yet, this is the way I thought. In this way, the water will slowly fall and the soil will also slowly suck the water down to the root. Unlike using a mug or can with no holes that are poured directly, instead of absorbing directly, the water spreads to the side of the plant and the grass will absorb it.


Now, let’s head to my favorite leafy vegetable! The Water Spinach! We benefit so much from this Water Spinach that we often include in our "sinigang" dish. This Water Spinach also has a different recipe that is mixed only with egg and flour and a little pepper and salt. They call it fried Water Spinach with mayonnaise sauce with ketchup and a little salt and pepper to taste.


And this is the last of all, my plant String Beans in Tagalog is "SITAW. I had no plans to plant beans in this bucket because this bucket is for my grape. But because String Beans has become healthy, I will leave him there and take care of him.


That’s all so far the new update on my plants. This is my Anti-Stress every day after I work in the office and with my cheeky kids and my wife. hahaha...

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Great looking garden, That is a great idea with the water can.

Lovely lovely lovely. You are taking good care of your plants like a professional plant science or Botanist, I must commend. How tall does the papaya tree grow and how do you intend to keep it, knowing that it is a perennial shrub?

Actually, that papaya must not grow more than 2 meters. It must be lower than 1.5 Meter only. But right now the taller one was 1.3 meters high. ^_^

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I'm about to plant my sweet potatoes. I've never thought to trellis them like that. Here we have to worry about groundhogs eating all of the leaves, I'm not sure what we will do to keep them away. It's neat seeing the Papaya getting big too.

Now you have an idea next. ^_^

Those pig or hogs that eating leafs are healthy. Their meet was tasty and safe to eat. (^_^)

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Yes! We are going to trap them and make stew. At least we are feeding them well. Haha!

You have a very nice and very organized garden, I think it is one of the best I have seen in HIVE. Congratulations for being so good at what you do and thank you for sharing your experience with us.


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ang ganda ng garden nio sir!

Salamat po... ^_^
Dami na na harvest kahapon na ampalaya. Ilukuto na lang ngayon.