Do we only shift our thinking when disaster strikes? Responding To @tribesteemup's Question

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I don't know about those who were born before me but from my Day One in my opinion only Money πŸ’΅ and Monetary Values are priority and before these aspects Human Value is so much less for sure, many will disagree but the reality is Dark and Scary.

Just think for one second, Money πŸ’΅ and Monetary aspects are created by somebody and who created it, they hold so much because they know that it's just a piece of paper but these papers are dominating the whole world and these aspects are ruling us.

Now we've reached to a Point where we are Defining the Value of others by their Monetary Holdings and many still believing that they are not deceived. We are Slaves of comfort zone and i know because when i came out of my Comfort Zone it broke my life.

I was working with reputed Multinational Company in Human Resource Management Department, but one day suddenly felt a kind of situation which hold the essence of Awakening, at that time so much was going on at home and at work at the same time, in a way i became slave of the Work System, but that day i decided no more this, had a meeting with my Manager and i said to him that i am leaving, no experience letter, no serving period and nothing, something inside me decided to walk 🚢 on the whole new path after going through from a deep Self-Introspection session.

In a way I've done good because then i saw the Face Of World πŸ—Ί so clearly and by that i mean, when you earn more then people really want to stay with you, otherwise they are good for Taunts and Advices which pleases them. Today i earn less, i have no friends but i am experiencing that version of life which is holding the Raw Reality and that is, when we accept who we are and others then we can set ourselves free.


Are you seeing the big shift, i don't know if i am right or wrong but in my opinion now it's reflecting as we are about to controlled by the Artificial Intelligence Technology and we don't know how that picture will look like but in a way we can say that every aspect of this World is good then it can get misused too because we are in the world of Duality.

Ask yourself, Are You Feeling Caged? We took birth just to be controlled by others, i don't think so. May be we are in Effect and Cause is somewhere else or in the State Of Invisibility or it's in a other Dimension. But whatever it is, we can do so much better because we are more than this Monetary System and Selfish Lives.

Mother Earth 🌏 hold so much and Mother Earth 🌏 gave us for free, but some Human Beings dominated everything and selling these resources like they are real owners (Really?). Life is most beautiful and at the same time cruel reality.

Who understood the Reality early in my opinion those made their life more Simple because Monetary System gifted us Rat Race and this Race sit on our back like a burden and Crush us day in and day out, this journey is so painful.


In my opinion History showcased and showcases two Probabilities and those are, after any Natural Disasters and Mass Issues people turned into Angels and helped each other and took care of each other or they turned into Monsters and tried to harm others for their own Survival.

Definitely Natural Disasters brings up the Reality and it keep Humans apart from the Worldly System, Caged System or Monetary System. After Natural Disasters many turned towards the natural life and by that i mean, they understood the true value of Mother Nature and they created their life around Mother Nature instead of going back to the same Rat Race.

At the end of the day only one thing matters and that is Pure Love, means the Love which feels us safe and give the true warmth of life and this magical essence hold by one aspect and that is Mother Nature. After Natural Disasters people understood how important to work together and live together, which was taken away by the Monetary World which inturn brought division and so much negativity in this world.

We all should Pray that no Natural Disasters should become Threat for Human Beings and other creatures. We should understand from the History. Only Love, Kindness, Togetherness, Brotherhood and Forgiveness will bring whole world under one roof and that is Humanity Tribe. Stay blessed all.

Steem On.


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Stay Blessed.

Spread love and spread kindness.

Thanks and regards, Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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Hello @chireerocks, this was actually a @tribesteemup question, but we definitely support philosophical content like this. You are such a lovely person - i'd love to meet you one day. I love your conclusion:

Only Love, Kindness, Togetherness, Brotherhood and Forgiveness will bring whole world under one roof and that is Humanity Tribe.

I absolutely agree - Many om and much peace - @riverflows

Thank you so much for your wonderful and warm words. Hope that day will arrive soon. Have a blessed time ahead. πŸ™‚

It's those drastic decisions that make us feel alive, glad you were able to take a different path than the one ruled by money and greed.

True. Thank you so much for your kind response. Stay blessed.

Thanks. wow good post really I think i mean i will tweet too. I have tried Facebook share it . Also it great Did you write your self. bolding certain words?


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I am out of the rat race... not by choice
So it was very brave of you to take that leap of faith
Money does rule the world... and sadly that seems to place you on a higher stead that a person with more heart but less money....

In my opinion there is no Correlation between Money πŸ’΅ and Emotions. Many follow a Myth Of Mindset and that is, more the richer more they have less emotions or they are heartless, no matter how rich or how poor people are we never know who is who because at the end of the day we are travelling individual journey in this Universal Realm and fulfilling destined roles. Like millions of billions of codes write and fulfill a Script same way we billions of Human Beings perfectly playing predestined roles to fulfill a higher realm goals, in my opinion most of the time we stay clueless of it and unaware of it. Stay blessed always. πŸ™‚