Monthly Wheel Spin 1st February - Now CLOSED for Entries

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monthly wheel.png

Welcome to the Monthly Special Wheel Spin - 100 Hive and 1000 CTP Tokens Prize

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All you need to do is Up vote this Post and guess a number between 1 and 100 and put it in the comments below.

I will add these numbers to a special wheel and spin on 8th February, (Eastern American Time)

The one with the correct number will win, if there is more than 1 with the correct number then the prize will be divided between the winners

The Prize is 100 Hive and 1000 CTP Tokens
You need to Upvote the post and comment to be eligible

Be in it to win it

This Post will be open for entries for the next 7 days


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Another spin and win
I choose 28

all the best to all

Number - 45


Put me down for 14. Thanks.

Hey Russell,

Great idea for the monthly spin! Although it says monthly and appears to be weekly! lol

I choose 17!

Stay safe and awesome, Lee :)

Its a monthly because I hold it every month, its only open for 7 days because I want to draw and rather than having it only open for a day. also upvotes can only be made for 7 days.
I started this on 1st Jan and will continue all year :)

Well that explains it perfectly! Thank you! !WINE

Stay safe my friend, Lee :)

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thanks russell.

My number is 26


I choooooose 97.

Thank you for all the work you had put into these spins Russell!

I choose 25!

Number - 13

69 :)

Thanks Russell

number this time 24



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I will go for 77.

76 here!

My number is 55

Let me check check out what's going on here first. Love to be part of the community when the new front end gets fixed


I was close last week ... 57 is my guess. Good luck to all!


I am not very good at these things but I guess it's just a matter of luck anyway. My guess is 59!

this is a fantastic one will choose the number 7.

63 Is my number

I hope I am not too late!

Number: 37