Rocket Fuel Coffee Morning Ramblings - Fresh Perspective by @scubahead - Hive Helping Highlight 12-08-2020

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Rocket Fuel Coffee Morning Ramble and Fresh Perspective

Today @scubahead has written a nice post about having a different perspective - Sometimes we can get caught into a loop and not see what is right in front of us

I have selected this post because I believe that we often need to step back so that we can get a different perspective on things

Thanks for sharing your post with us @scubahead


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I agree with @scubahead . I know I need to occasionally walk away for a bit to clear my head and come back with a different perspective.

Sometimes walking away is the best thing. often when I cannot remember something, I move on and eventually it comes to me


what a pleasant surprise.Thanks guys!

It was a really poignant post @scubahead and one that a lot of people can takes something from

Congrats @tochprince for the win.

Great post from @scubahead we all need that brake from things for a time and think outside of the box.

We certainly do Bonnie - getting a different perspective is paramount

defiantly @russellstockley

Congrats on winning today @tochprince

@scubahead has the right idea about walking away from a problem and come back later to finish it quicker with a nice fresh perspective instead of struggling to get it done and stuck in a rut.

sometimes there just is no other choice except to separate oneself from what one is doing as a way of moving forwards

Congrats on winning today @tochprince

Congrats to @tochprince for the win, and great points about fresh eyes and mind by @scubahead, and lol 1 minute ad for a 2 minute video.

Fresh eyes present fresh ideas :)

This was another great pick, Russell... Thanks for sharing this interesting post by @scubahead!

Hello zoltan - I thought it was very relevant, we all spend so much time churning out that sometimes taking a step back is very beneficial