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In countries that are practicing Social distancing and Stay at Home guidelines we can see that the COVID 19 virus isn’t spreading quite so rapidly as it is in areas and countries that do not participate in these practices.

Just as we can also see a slower rate of growth in places that utilise masks as well as Social distancing.

I wanted to just talk about a couple of things that I can see happening in some countries at the moment that I find deplorable, and a bad reflection on what we are as Human Beings on this planet.

Here in Australia there have been a number of cases of abuse, violence and gang mentality that has been driven quite obviously by Fear, and when fear hits a coward they are more likely to strike out and the best protection a coward can have is when they join a pack.

We have had a number of instances where people have abused, spat on and physically attacked people of Asian Origin, blaming them for the spread of COVID19. This is totally unfounded, and cowardly behaviour brought on by Fear and the unknown.

People need to stop doing this, it has no grounding in common sense.

People are attacking front line workers because they believe that they are spreading COVID19, Stop it, this is totally unfounded and cowardly.

We have had young people who are working in supermarkets attacked by older so called Adults, just because they are following the guidelines set down by their Management, their Local, State and Federal Governments. Stop it, your behavior is reprehensible, immature and cowardly

People getting abused because they are wearing masks, people getting abused because they are not wearing masks.
People need to slow down, I understand that it can be tough however we are all in the same boat at the moment, what makes us strong is how we act and behave under certain circumstances and that is what shows ourselves and others what our character is.

There is no need to be so animalistic in our behavior that we start to blame others for our own fears. Let go of your fear ego and allow your compassionate ego to the fore.

Having said all that above, I am fully aware that there are many more people out there that are supportive and compassionate and community minded and these are the people that I usually highlight in my posts, however I just had to remind people to not be so bloody minded, we are not a pack of wild animals that look at everything else as the cause for all or fear. We are people that take self responsibility and act civilly to one another.

As a bit of Humor I would also like to show this image that came up on Facebook. It is around Social Distancing and specifically those who do not follow the guidelines


Have a great day and remember, you are your neighbors neighbor


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In light of the conversation above about how we might Act, React, behave within thse moments of turbulence and uncertainty.

This post by @chireerocks where Chiranjeeva speaks of not allowing your emotions to takeover, do things in good ways, See beyond any obstacle, then it's easy to tackle

image.png Highest Good - by @chireerocks

Thank You Chiranjeeva for being an inspiration to others #ThriveOnHive


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Thank you for the mention, it is so appreciated. 🤗

Hi @bliss11 - your welcome, it is good to see people putting up challenges and even greater to see people take them up :)

@russellstockley, First of all thank you so much for your kind mention, genuinely speaking it's a really meaningful aspect for me.

We have Free Will and have a choice to make, if we have a choice then why not we make a good one.

But at the end of the day choice is choice and both positives and negatives creates the balance no matter we want to agree it or not.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

Hi @chireerocks - Yes we do have Free will to a certain degree, we are still influenced greatly by our enculturated experience, so Free Will is only based on choices you know you have :)

Yes, that sounds true. Have a peaceful time ahead and stay blessed.

People getting abused because they are wearing masks, people getting abused because they are not wearing masks.

This is so true and in the same very sad... And you are right, fear in the people provoke this kind of behavior in stupid and "no-life" people... Intolerance out from nowhere, and I'm really surprised that it is happening in Australia, as I always had an image of the country as a very tolerance one (as Canada, also)

Hi Zoltan - There is always someone in every Bunch.
Australia is a laid back country, there is a lot of tolerance, however one of the things about Australia is that it has this guise of Being a multicultural country. I moved here in the 70's and it was quite a racist country then, It still is now, Its selective, so one year it will be against a certain culture and the next a different one. But it is still a racist country, although a lot of people will disguise it with 'I am not racist - But'
It sad but seems to be a certain part of human nature to be afraid of difference.

Totally understand... and it's not a big difference in any part of the world... Everything is nice until some problem arises... Like this one with coronavirus... then all the scum coming back to surface as it is feeding with evil, fear, as you said in the post...

Nice advice Russell, and yeah the important thing with these guidelines is to slow the spread, in Stockholm the spread seems to have leveled off right now and holding at a rate that is fully manageable, but let's see what happens over Easter, people might get careless, and great joke, stay safe, awesome and alive.

Hi @flaxz - Yes Easter will tell here as well, they are actually putting up road blocks in some areas to stop people travelling and there will be a high crowd control presence.
I will be interested to see whether there will be a second wave in Wuhan now that they have lifted lockdown .

Yeah Wuhan is likely to get it back because they never let it create enough immunity in the population, but let's see what happens, stay safe, awesome and alive.