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Do Blue Banded Bee's live in HIves ?

Thanks for all the pictures yesterady , There are a couple of unique Bee's to every country, the one I had in mind was the Blue Banded Bee, the stingless Bee is a native that actually produces some amazing Honey


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WTG Howard on winning the honey pot today

Blue banded bee's are solitary bee's that typically live in burrows.

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Congrats @howyf2.
They live in burrows, you can get them to live in a clay hotels.

Congrats to the winner

congrats @howyf2 on the win they live in burrows

Congratulations, @howyf2!

They live in burrows

Congrats @howyf2

No, they don't

They are solitary bees--no hives.

Congrats @howyf2
No they don't....

Congratulations @howyf2 for the win :)

Actually, they do not. They live in shallow burrows within the soil. :) 🐝

did you just win here too @howyf2? Amazing luck! congrats! care to share your secret? LOL :))

They are solitary bees.

T.G.I. FriYAY! Winding down a busy week.. just finishing up online.. taking it easy and chill LOL :D

Congrats @howyf2 🌟

Congratulations @howyf2 again

Blue banded bees live in burrows

Woihoo double winner today thank you honey pot

No they live in burrows

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Congratulations @howyf2

let me bee-friend it.

She builds her nest in a shallow burrow in clay soil or sometimes in mudbricks.

Congrats @howyf2!!

No, they have nests.

"Blue Banded Bees are solitary bees. This means that each female bee mates and then builds a solitary nest by herself. She builds her nest in a shallow burrow in clay soil or sometimes in mudbricks. Many Blue Banded Bees may build their nest burrows in the same spot, close to one another, like neighbouring houses in a village."

WOW! It's @howyf2 again. Congratulations.
hmm... I need to borrow luck from @howyf2, I guess. Don't remember when I won last time. lol...

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