#3StepsToday - What could be more exciting than a video of me curating content?

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New Video of ThreeSteps curation taking the world by storm!

In a whirlwind tour of the US and small parts of an Antarctica science base, the @threesteps account had done it again, and created a shiny new video!

This video is so exciting I stopped watching paint dry to watch this one. -Rob

Hehe. In all seriousness, I appreciate all of the effort that goes into all the videos I see being made on here, especially after I try to make my own.

I'm not joking. This is a video of me commenting and upvoting.

I use the @threesteps account to curate material largely from the #ctp tribe. In this video, I am walking through the process of how I use the threesteps account and upvote.

This is one of the hilights of my day, and I thoroughly enjoy doing it.

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Awesome stuff @robwillmann - first of all your support of the CTP family is to be commended. Also, you being one of the action taking leaders of the Swarm paves that path for the new folks coming on. I appreciate the mention. I'm glad you saw that comment on @hirohurl - I thought the post was cool and was chomping at the bit to leave one. Also, it was super cool seeing you in action. Everything was smooth. Thanks.

Thanks Jimmy. I appreciate all of your engagement as well. Looking forward to a year from now when we are both still crushing it on the blockchain and stacking it up.

Jimmy, I just realized I hadn't followed you on here yet. So I gave you a follow.


@robwillmann - it's not like it hasn't happened to me before. We are connected elsewhere, so it's easy to assume we are connected everywhere lmao. Thanks again...

Yeah, curation videos eh! Actually, I find them enjoyable and informative to watch, especially if it's my content that's being curated and critiqued! It's interesting to see and hear other people's responses to the content that appears on CTPTalk. Keep pumping them out!

I was thinking your comment would've been about the chess opening you were memorizing. I didn't play the benoni for long. I got crushed most of the time.

What I'm working on at the moment is my white repertoire, so I would also love to crush any Benoni that is played against me! I named the first Benoni variation in my repertoire the "jet" because it is the 61st variation in my whole system: "6" = "j" and 1 = "t" , so "jet" is an obvious keyword option. I remembered the opening moves by noticing that the four pawns that end up in the centre look a bit like a Mig 15 jet fighter... In that variation Whites delays developing the g1 knight. I call that knight "Falstaff" (most of the time - sometimes "Charles Dickens" - and that's because I call the g1 square Gads Hill, where Dickens lived, just opposite the Falstaff Inn), and I imagine that cowardly old Falstaff would have been afraid of flying and so would stay at home.

And because I mention them in the video, I wanted to give a shoutout to:


Excelent curation

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800 replies? Woot! That's unheard of! What kind of sorcery is this?

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