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RE: The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - 1 Token At A Time!

in The CTP Swarm5 months ago

Even during tough times, I always believed in the journey because that is the most important part. We grow so much as individuals as well as a community within that time. So, regardless of the end goal, we all become better versions of ourselves. So, it's a win-win imho. :)

My goal is to reach Orca status on Hive by the end of the year. 2021 will be on the road to Whale - woo hoo! So excited. Also, I want to double my CTP tokens as well! Now that we have The Hive Guide, things are getting better by the moment.

It's hard NOT to be excited with the CTPSB & the curation trails as well as all of the above! Let's do this! :) 💚


Yeah I'm really going to push CTPSB in the next few weeks, send beneficiary rewards to it and get more people looking into it :)

Love the community, we are all winning!