The Perspective Paradox | Mindful Mondays Ep 14

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Have you ever noticed that when you have a certain perspective about something or someone, that is ALL you see? It sometimes keeps you stuck in your story or even your identity…

It can be a tricky thing sometimes …. when we refuse to go beyond one mindset, it can truly be limiting & keep us in a stuck energy…

We all do it sometimes & I am definitely not exempt….today was one of those days…but what we do about it? How do we break out of that mentality?

Here, we talk about it & show ways of working through this …..

Remember, the key is to truly let go of what no longer is serving you in order to create inner change. ;) 💜

Today’s Music: Who Knew - Milva

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Love your video today, it is so true for me that sometimes i must step back and tell myself that I need to quit acting this certain way( such as being in a bad mood). Thank you love listening to your voice you are so helpful to me. I am grateful that you are here and part of @ctp and @hive.

Oh I can relate to that. I am a positive person overall, but I have been fighting the mood battles lately. It's part of being an empath so I know I need to get better at protecting my energy. It's a process lol. And it's like what you said, when we step back & are more mindful about whaat is going on within ourselves, we will get into a better energy.

We will get there!! :) And thank you for the kind words. 💛 I am glad you are a part of our family as well. It's great getting to know you more! Sendings lots of love & pixie dust. 🦋💚

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loved the fake intro.
I was starting to think...this does not sound right......
what lenses we look through changes what we see.
what lenses we choose to pickup is up to us.
for some of us, some old lenses need to be locked up & shipped out