Competition is Good

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I have recently listened the awesome speech by @theycallmedan, and you can check it here He was talking about different topics inside it, and one of them was of course Hive and the fact that Hive had some of these shiny things that are now "trending" at the moment... Decentralized finances, fast and cheap transactions, etc...

Also, he talked about competition... How the whole industry is doing similar things and pushing forward... How constant development has to be present if we don't want to lose the pace... How it's not crucial to be the first, but more it's important to be present and continuously develop...

That reminded me of my experience that I had when I run my business 15 years ago... How I dealt with my competition, and what was my idea back then, and my thinking... Check out the video for that personal story...

In the end, I would like to make an update of my current numbers (October 1st, 2020 - monthly target 90%) on #MyHiveGoals:

HIVE POWER - 17,768 / 20,000    88.84%
CTP POWER - 127,722 / 150,000   84.81%
HIVE Followers - 347 / 400      86.75%   --> GOAL REACHED (333)! Bumped to 400
LBRY Followers - 1072 / 1,500   71.46%

I have traded a bit with some HiveEngine tokens and a powered-up some of the profits, so there I got a nice little pump... Also, I have revised my Hive Followers goals and raised them to 400...

Join us in this awesome #MyHiveGoals and let's grow together! You can find the original post about the challenge by @robwillmann here:

Thank you for your time,


Link to my initial post is here

These are my initial (and starting) goals for 2020 on June 1st, 2020 and this #MyHiveGoals Challenge

HIVE POWER - 12,092 / 20,000    60.46%
CTP POWER - 98,148 / 150,000    65.43%
HIVE Followers - 222 / 333      66.67%
LBRY Followers - 648 / 1,500    43.20%

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Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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Yes, competition is not bad. It will give more exposure to your business, and you all can be benefited. Maybe those owners get scared to see your innovative ideas. lol...

By the way, what are the reasons you have to close that business at some point? Thank you so much for sharing this story. :)

Maybe those owners get scared to see your innovative ideas. lol...

Actually, I think that it was more EGO thing than fear of the new ideas...

By the way, what are the reasons you have to close that business at some point?

Well, there were more factors that lead to that... When I came back to my hometown and open my gaming place, people were not accustomed to playing games in the network... against each other... They were playing GTA, and CounterStrike against bots, etc... My idea with tournaments was to "lure" them into the world of network gaming, but other places had problems with computers, networks and didn't solve them on time...

Another problem was that home Internet connections were better and people played more online... But still, that wasn't that big problem, as people like to gather physically and yell at each other in-live... lol...

And finally, I had to close at the end because there were no more players left... I (we) didn't succeed to "educate" them on time (before others have closed) about the beauty of network playing, and I couldn't pay expenses for renting and taxes with my earnings...

You have a lot of experience in business as an operator. You did things and know what works. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience!

I believe on the internet competition IS a good thing.
It means there is a high demand.

Sadly most people are afraid of competition.
Too many what if questions.

I don't know maybe if the 4 locations you shared about did something jointly maybe prosperity would have lasted longer. Who knows?

Nobody does.

Let the competition sort it, Competition of revenue, customers, viewership, readership...whatever it is. It should drive one to excellence and meet the competition expecting a win.

Competition is great when you want to raise awareness about a certain thing or in our case the whole crypto industry... And at this moment, that is more important than who is the first, second, or whatever...

And I believe it is the same case in other "niches"... You can pick whatever else want and you will see the same picture...

Thanks for the comment! Appreciate your time and opinion!

I've seen exactly the same thing in my sector. When we opened our laser tag arena, we asked the other centers in Switzerland whether they would be interested in running a championship together. Nobody wanted to be part of it. In the end we organised our own tournaments. Cooperation is much stronger than competition. If you work together and you promote an activity or sector, everybody profits.

Cooperation is much stronger than competition.

Indeed... As I said in the reply to @andrewn's comment, it would probably raise more interest in the laser tag entertainment niche, and all of the businesses would grow... Especially, if you are not in the same town (but that is almost irrelevant like in my case was)...

I think healthy competition is a good thing if it brings out the best in each other. Sometimes, it can help give that extra motivation to strive to bring more value to the customer/client as well & in the process, you grow & learn within yourself, too...

When it gets out of hand, & it becomes toxic... like "every man for himself", that is when it becomes dangerous. I have been seeing a lot of that in the past year, which is a shame. In actuality, there's room for everyone & enough to go around. People don't always see that so feel they have to cut others down to be successful or make themselves look good....

This is a great topic you chose & hopefully viewers can get a deeper appreciation of HOW competition can be good in the right context....they can work as a team at the same time. :) 💗

I think healthy competition is a good thing if it brings out the best in each other.

Healthy competition is a competition where all the "participants" know what they are doing, and they don't "help" each other, they just mind their business, but without cutting others (as you said)...

The story from my video was literally cutting the tree branch where you are sitting... And it just went back to the whole "niche", instead of saving "your ass", you have killed everyone's business...

And competition in the same team is a whole different story... and it can be very positive and bring great results... if it is managed in the right way...

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