Respect Others to be Respected

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Can you tell me how can I earn $1K in a week? Show me that super website where I can write a post and when someone upvotes me, I've got a ton of money in crypto... I know where I can find a couple of cheap articles that I will just copy/paste and get a couple of thousands for paying the debt that I have...

What? Those are not thousands, but a couple of bucks??? Do I have to spend more than 5 minutes daily on that website? I can't do it... I have just downloaded the whole 9 seasons of my favorite TV show, so I'm "booked" for next month... Maybe I will start in November... When it gets colder, so I will have nothing to do outside, and I will be forced to be inside and work...

But, your TV is IN the house... Don't you think that you will more likely watch another TV show instead of working online? Nah... I'm determined to succeed in my online job...

I will never do that!

How many times did you hear a conversation like this before? :) At a certain point, you have probably thought "maybe she/he shouldn't even start"? I did... And I will tell you why...

Because the decision to "that person" do what I have suggested isn't their decision, but mine... I have pursued that person to join... And because of that, the person doesn't have that "personal connection" with the work... Can't feel what is needed to do, and you have to explain all things to the smallest details... You invest your time in the person that has no passion or dream about that job, and will probably quit after a couple of weeks, or even days...

Let's come back to you, and me... We have a certain expectation when we have started our online business, which involves content creation... We expect that people will read/watch our stuff, that they will upvote our posts, that they will leave some comment, maybe praise our work, or leave a helpful comment... All this is normal and understandable... That's why are we here, isn't it?

But... Expecting all that without doing the SAME thing with other fellow creators is wrong... Interaction and relationship is a thing that involves dialogue in two-ways... You can't expect that others appreciate and respect you if you don't respect them... You can't buy respect, but you can earn it... How? Do the same to others what would you as those others do for you...

Check out the video from the beginning of the post... It's not just a cute image with a quote... :)

Thank you for your valuable time,


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You make a great point in this video. You can't expect people to comment and engage on your posts if you are not doing the same for others. To come here and make a post and never do any curation or commenting will only get you so far and I doubt anyone will ever buy from you. I wish I had more hours in the day to be able to keep up with all the great content that is here on the blockchain.

Yes, it is time-consuming... That's true... Not an excuse, but true... However, I see that you do your part as you are visible with your regular posts, with your comments on other's posts...

It's easy to confirm that something is true, and agree and everything... And I see that all the time... people appear, create a post, maybe a comment, come to the webinar, pumped-up... and then disappear for a month, or forever...

And as always, we come to the point that consistency is the key...

Give and take phenomenon! valuable commentary, money should be a secondary thing in this scenario. People spent a lot of time on so-called social sites just for nothing. When you ask them to be on blockchain and here they'd get something in return, their reply would be how much :) Community that makes it really special. Enjoy your weekend!

When you ask them to be on blockchain and here they'd get something in return, their reply would be how much

hehehe... Agree with this... But we can blame only ourselves for that... We are promoting this network as the "paying one", forgetting that in a nutshell, it is also a social media network... which people forget when they hear the word "money" :)

So, if you engage with others in "traditional" social media, you should do the same here ;)

Great post Zoltan a lot of value here and sense spoken, engagement is important no matter what platform you use, need to do more engaging here myself for sure have an amazing day

You are right... I didn't invent any hot water here... It is just a normal human behavior (or it should be)... You should respect people everywhere, but people sometimes forget that... So, I did a small reminder :)

Have a great weekend, Ben!

Respect Others to be Respected
Love it,
I was thinking, yea I do that.
Of course I respect others here.
Upon closer examination I realized, I can do better at taking in others content.
Others, if given the chance will surprise, even impress with their content.
Check at all the creators, a lesson can always be found.

Oh, man... Commenting on other's stuff is beneficial on so many levels... Will give you just one example... By doing the CTP ThisIsAwesome picks every day, I meet a lot of new people... not just from the CTP, but from the crypto (Hive) part, and there are some awesome people with great ideas...

Already met a couple of people that made me think about some of the crypto projects... and after a month-two, got results from my investments...

You never know with whom will you end networking... ;)

Well okay yeah I can do stuff online with a damn TV's on if I really want to watch something maybe a couple hours in the daytime I'll turn the computer off and don't worry about me if I can't read every word everybody writes take me like all day don't they say awesome post awesome comments you work so hard

Thank you for your kind words, Cheryl! It's important to be consistent and appreciate other's work!

Even though other things.

Thanks for a great video @ph1102, and really great and valuable advice that you shared, to get engagement on our own content and build trust and relationship we need to work on that ourselves, that is how to grow and earn respect, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Thanks a lot for your kind words and for the pick! It's always nice to receive support and appreciation!

This was such a great video & made a lot of sense. When we appreciate one another & leave meaningful comments on each other's posts, it is a sign of respect since it shows we took time to really read or watch your content & cared enough to engage. I think it's a win win situation since people will start responding to you as well through that process. The main thing is it has to be true & authentic, not just for what you can get out of it. Same thing in life - respect is earned when you show it. It's such a simple concept but not everyone gets it. It's a blessing to be one of the people that does! :)

Thank you for giving us this gentle reminder! You are awesome (as always)! 👍🙂💚

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The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".

Know, Like and Trust

It will not happen by chance. As you said, you have to earn it and I completely agree with you. When you build your brand, people will differentiate you from others. Thank you @ph1102 for sharing this.

In this post, your late saying from the vlog would be perfect... It's not "fake it until you make it"... Can't fake respect...

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