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RE: CTP Chat For May 7th, 2021

in The CTP Swarmlast month

Gosh HIVE causing me headache with it's multiple keys or passwords or what else... and I always get confuse with all that. Hope as time goes on it will become clearer how to even log in easily without being rejected over and over and over


I hear is not easy when we start. If it makes you feel better, things were a lot more difficult a few years ago. Some people had to wait almost a month just to get an account and those keys lol

This is the best place to ask questions so please do so :)

There is also a video training guide that you can check and it's free:

Hi Eliana..this hiveguide do I have to register account or is it same as hivesigner login?

This one is outside Hive, was created by Jon and Blain so it's just a normal account