My 1440 Interview with Achim Beda

in The CTP Swarmlast month (edited)

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This interview was recorded last Monday, 1/11/2021.
Achim and I had a nice talk about his online and offline businesses. His offline business has been put on pause because of the pandemic so he has been able to put more time into his online business projects.

Achim comes from a family of entrepreneurs so he has been involved in businesses in one form or another for most of his life. He is the creator of the CTP Swarm Tribe/Community on Hive and the CTP Swarm Booster token. He also has a family of his own for whom he makes sure to allocate some of his 1440 minutes each day.

Really appreciated the time he took to talk with me!

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Great Interview Lisa. I had a lot of fun answering your questions :-)

Thank you, Achim! Glad you enjoyed it!

Great Interview Lisa @lisamgentile1961 and fun answers with excitement for the future by Achim @achim03 .

Thanks for stopping by and watching the interview :-)

Thanks, @kenwolff! Happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching it and commenting. 😀 Enjoy your day!

Made in Canva


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Thanks a lot for sharing this
I have been following CTPSB for a few months now. Loving this project

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Keep sharing these video. loved it

Nice to see you here!