Thursday Night Live - Multiple Streams Of....Passive Income?

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One of the biggest myths when it comes to building an online business is that you can just...Set it and forget it.

They'll usually sell you on the allure of 'building multiple streams of income' or even 'you need passive income'...

We discuss these 'tactics' and how to overcome the hype and hoopla, to build something that lasts for years and years....

We focus on the...Foundation first!

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After listening, I felt even more energized. The secret project sounds so promising. I can't wait to learn more about it. In the meantime, I will continue to focus on ClickTrackProfit, showing up every day and engaging with CTPTalk and the hive community.

Awesome to have you onboard man!

Thats the key for sure....Show up, engage, create, curate...And build those relationships!

Great video.
I am looking forward to seeing the secret program.
Lots of good ideas on multiple incomes.
Learning to focus and to stay focused is the trick.
Some times lifes challenges make it hard to stay focused.

Multiple streams of passive income is so important and you nailed a ton of great points in this video. If one should dry up for whatever reason you have backups. Honestly it's a way of life and everything you do. If you take a chance on some new adventure you want to purse you should have backups that are currently working for you which can be used to help fuel the new projects or fall back on just in case. Excellent message and information.

Every form of "passive" income requires some work but the key is it takes up less time and produces money and value while you are not attending to it. That's the passive nature of it all. Make no mistake though it takes constant efforts, time and investments but it's the one things scalable instead of trading time for money at a job.

Thank you sir!

Yeah it blows me away how many people think they can just show up, and bam, everything will be done for them.

Constant hustle and building is needed!

I think hive is very friendly when it comes to building a passive income stream, at least compared to the complicated defi world

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Night and day!

So much easier to get into Hive than trying to mess with MetaMask or TrustWallet lol

The new guide you are making seems interesting. I think its good to keep them preoccupied.

As for passive income streams, I just see it as something that keeps coming in for minimal effort. It still requires effort to claim and keep up with the news because you don't want to be blindsided.

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We're pretty lucky on the blockchain...It's a lot easier to set it up here, but it still does take the effort to build you the following, engagement etc...If you don't wanna spend the fiat.