The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - The Right Blockchain...At The Right Time!

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This week's episode of the Road To 10k CTP Tokens!

And what a week it's been....

From becoming a top 6 witness on Hive-Engine....

To growing by leaps and bounds with our amazing community...

This show, is all about YOU and your questions and comments!

Enjoy :)



Sometimes the video hosted on LBRY doesn't show properly within all the front ends of Hive...If this is the case, simply click this link, and it'll open up on a new window to view it. Hope that 3speak is back to full speed soon cause well...Other video platforms are weird and we love us some 3SPEAK!!!!



These are really exciting times! It's absolutely great to see you so high up the witness ladder. And there seems to be no stop to the CTP token as well, being just over $0.10 at the time of writing this comment.

I've managed to reach the target of 2500 CTP staked and slowly but surely I am on my way to that awesome target of 10000.

I plan on spending more time here on the blockchain from this year on and I'm learning a lot about how to become more productive to increase growth and get better results in general.

Thanks for all your support!

Congratulations on being top 6 in HE witnesses.

It sure is nice to see how someone spent just time to get so many CTP tokens just by being consistent. As for the live stream with taskmaster, is the time and schedule going to be posted beforehand? This way some of us who can make it will show up.

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Thanks, yeah for sure...We'll announce it before the date. Give people plenty of warning :)

Nice to see this community growing each day.

Let me keep accumulating more ctp stake for now.

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Your future self, will thank you for taking action today and sticking with it :)

Am sure he will.

Till then. Hodl😁

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Congrats on #6 Witteness!

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Appreciated man, thank you!

This is motivating many of us to do the same. I just recently made it to 1k CTP. Look forward to my next goal of 2k. One step at a time.

That is awesome!! Congrats on that :)

I can't believe I missed the last week post :( Guess I got distracted .

Anyway good post jon , I have been staking CTP . 972 CTP right now :) So close to 1000 , by next week I would have passed it.

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LOL You have been slightly busy LOL

Thanks man, appreciate it!

congratulations on been top 6 on H-E witness list. i believe there's many to come for CTP. With many trooping in to CTP, there's no telling how far we can go.

At the moment, i keep uping my stake by laying my hands on few CTP I can lay hold on before it gets out reach for me

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Slow and steady :)

If you add one CTP a day, you are on a great path....That's my approach anyways lol

I was looking at my goals yesterday and I realised that I was behind scedule for my CTP stake. My target is to reach 30k by the end of the year and I'm at 18K at the moment. With all the buzz around CTP, it will get more difficult to reach this goal LOL

LOL It seems to keep growing and have great volume. Things are looking pretty good :)

Awesome, it's great that you made it to consensus witnesses, and with a margin of extra votes too!

Thanks man, yeah I think they are moving it to 10 for consensus, which would put us in there comfortably...We're hanging on by a thread right now LOL The powers that be aren't throwing their weight behind us...So not sure how long we have LOL

yeah I think they are moving it to 10 for consensus

That's what I read in one of Aggroed's posts. I thought it's already in effect.

Congratulation on top 6 HE.

Zoltan also did a great work in creating worker bee pool, so that user with very less Worker Bee can take part in governance and get benefited with Bee.
Link to Zoltan post

Legendary for sure!

Dude's always on top of things that benefit the community!

Well, congrats again for getting into the Top6 H-E witnesses!

And 5-6 PM European is almost perfect for the future live stream... ;) Easier to organize than the same time AM... lol...

Thanks man, yeah figured that would be a better time for ya lol ;)

Congrats on making top 6 witness on hive-engine that is quite the feat the way it is set up. looking like more and more are getting close to having 10,000 ctp which is great.

Yeah man, it's awesome...So many people are really embracing CTP now...So humbled :)

Enjoyed listening to the episode. As I was hearing you read the comments I realized that I had read some of them before. Must mean that I am engaging with what people write.

Awesome to hear that!!

That's a big win for your journey here!

congratulations for being among the top witnesses on H-E
I'm only sorry that I knew CTP late but I plan to grow by always putting all of my CTP in stakes

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Awesome to hear that, and thank you so much for your support :)

Congratulations on becoming a top 6 witness! Just powered up my CTP and as an affiliate marketer myself, i'm looking forward to this community very much.

So cool!

Welcome to the fun!

Drop us a line if you have any questions at all :)

Awesome mam
Congrats on #6 Witteness!

Thank you very much!

We probably shouldn't turn this into Star Trek Talk Profit, buuuut...
Isn't it fun how everybody loves Star Trek but has a hard time calling himself a Trekkie? I mean I love Star Trek, I've watched every series several times (well expect Discovery obviously, but that's only Star Trek in name anyway) but I still wouldn't proclaim myself a Trekkie... just, uh, a huge fan :D
DS9 is amazing, the story telling in the later seasons was like 10-15 years ahead of its time!
Sorry for the off topic though :D

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ha ha ha all good. Yeah man, same...Watched every season more times than I can count. DS9 was epic...Just the story, the Dominion war...Loved it and it never gets old.

Just finished watching Thursday Night Live. It was great to have Raymond from the BRO fund, there. You had mentioned a video he and taskmaster4450 did. I have been looking for it, but evidently I am looking in the wrong place. Could you put a link to it here?