Thursday Night Live - Opportunity You Say?

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So....UNI happened!

Everyone lost their mind when around $1200 jumped into their lap thanks to Uniswap...

I had a much different experience and gave me a ton of things to talk about tonight...

We hope you enjoy the show :)

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This is a fantastic webinar and I really enjoyed it. So many great reminders. And served as inspiration for my post today. It takes EFFORT!

Cruisin for moderator! <---the people have spoken!

Yes, if you do a job, you spend a certain period of time at the office usually 9-5, then you get the salary at the end of the month. Being an entrepreneur is like you are on 24/7. It is hard when someone close to you doesn't think it is going to work although you have the confidence you will make it.

Non stop...And there are no guarantees here...We show up, put in the hours for the opportunity.

Entrepreneurs are just wired differently LOL

Maybe we should press our witness hard on Second layer token integration. Hive should have much more scope.

Agreed....I've actually rearranged how I vote for witnesses now...If I see them powering down, the vote goes away. I may be a small fish but I will support the witnesses that are all in on this chain.

Great and fun rant show Jon, and I just saw that you did get the tokens, congrats to a masive HP boost.

Man, i got REALLY lucky by paying attention to some posts last month lol

Fees could be nasty :)
Ethereum is pretty good at such things. ;)
Nice developments on CTP

I was blown away at how much I spent yesterday....Only to have my transaction 'drop' and without my tokens LOL So I have these UNI just sitting in there until I gather up another 50 bucks or something to send them to a wallet....Insanity.

Thanks for the recordings! It was fun after this recorded session... (hint, hint, FB save.. :) )

And I just want to show my support for Cruisin's campaign for moderation place in the CTP Gauntlet... I think that there is no better person for that...


I agree lol

Great rants guys! I totally understand your frustration with ETH. I have my metamask wallet full of tokens but I can't send them anywhere because I don't have enough ETH for the gas fees... I would need to send eth to my metamask just to burn it in gaz to free my tokens that are worth less than the gas... Great world, great blockchain... lol

I'm reading where people have had to spend over $100 just to access their UNI....It's insanity. I dunno why ETH is so beloved.

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