It's Crypto Mondays - It's Coming...

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We had a lot of fun tonight like we do EVERY Monday night...

Part of the talk was about the 'secret project' that we've got coming...Tentative launch date is no later than a week from today...But it could be sooner :)

The CTP Talk condenser got updated too, but we're still in search for a developer to help this thing grow to where we would like it to...Let us know if you know anyone ;)

And then we talked....CURATION!

Did we ever mention that we love this blockchain?

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looking forward to the new program

Lol at the User site $1 a change, thats gonna be a dogs breakfast lol

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ha ha ha ha oh it's the new business model. it's going to be a hit!!!!

Thanks for the great show and the shout out for the @ctpsb project! Hopefully we will soon crack those 1000 HP :-)

Oh it'll get there...I'm going to buy a few more tokens today :)

Can't wait to see what your new project is. You are always full of surprises.

I think you'll find it very familiar :)

Well, familiar is good, as long as it is not too comfortable :-)

It looks that you had a great webinar last night!

Thanks for the mention, and there are always a lot of things to add, but it can be overwhelming for the people...

Thanks for the recordings! It's a saver for us on the other side of the globe...

Made in Canva

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lol I hear you man...It's late even for me these days LOL

Nice show, like always, look forward to the new project!

Thanks very much for the comments!

Should be ready very soon :)

Jon maybe you can hire @cryptospa to fix the CTPtalk condenser, he has been educating himself in Javascript every day for the last year by now, and if I remember correctly also looking for work with it, plus he is posting in CTPtalk.

When I started out the dustlevel for payouts was really big since I did not know it.

Oh sweet...Met him in Krakow a few years ago too. Good dude!

He's been sharing some about the courses in Javascript that he has taken in his Actifit reports.