Thursday Night Live - Say No To Average!

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Fired up again!!!

Tonight's webinar was packed with information and content that anyone could use....

At least I hope :)

The average blog / online business lasts 2-3 months before it's given up on....So how do we say NO to average and get past that hump?

We discuss that and so much more on the show!

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Thank you for this show. I needed to hear this it so badly!

I think we all do :) A good kick in the rear is always welcomed lol

Quite a learning experience, thank you, Blain and Jonez for an incredible webinar.

Thanks for the comments, glad you enjoyed it :)

Great show as usual guys! Thanks for the recording. I believe that when you look at videos of people from the community a couple of months ago and you look at their videos now, you see the 10'000 hour rule at work. The more we do something, the better we get at it. Hive is an amazing training field because not only do we have a place to practice, we also get this great feed-back from the community that pushes us on.

That's exactly it....This platform is the perfect place to get better every day!

Good show and thanks to God that connection with the Bahamas was OK :)

I hope that fire will burn a bit longer inside the participants and the recordings viewers! We need more passionate people here... We want to grow, and we need their help! And not just in the next 2-3 months...

Bahama looks an awesome place this collaboration video is great. Its always good to see people who are passionate and there is a lot to learn from them. Thursday Night Live show is very good. Have a great Weekend.

PS: I saw that you have @threespeak comment privilege today to upvote comments worth 20$ in total. May be you want to give some $ to people who stopped by.

One brutality honest session. I so relate and glad you guys can share.
Being a guy who was on and off and on and off and the gone for a long time.
It is very true.

If the desire remains inside, it will keep surfacing. Just do not keep doing the same dumb shit again. expand one's skills and comfort zone. expand what one can bring to the marketplace. just be FN better today.

Thanks for the shoutout JonG. or as I met TEguy.
It has been awhile.....thanks for Kessel btw it helped.
Hope the trade back works too.
I still have the ILH postcard, well played my friend.

hope bye bye Brady works well for both of us.

Great video love the backgrounds fellas keep up the great work

Thanks man, appreciate that!