#MyHiveGoals - Expert Investor!!!

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

I'm telling you....

Forget all the experts, I'm the KING when it comes to this crypto investing stuff.

The trade I made this week, should put me on the top of everyone's lists when it comes to 'crypto expert'....

Yeah, not really lol

I actually have no idea what I'm doing other than....

Dollar cost averaging.

Buying the dip.

And selling when things go crazy.

Which is what I did early last week when bitcoin surged past 12k.

I decided to sell a few hundred dollars worth of BTC and bought some HIVE with it....

Looked great up until the markets crashed later in the week.

But hey, I'll take the extra HIVE :)

Let's see how we did....

100,000 Hive Power


Thanks to my 'expert trading' knowledge, I was able to get a nice chunk of Hive this week....

Which bumped us over 73,000 Hive Power!

100,000 - 73,000.079 = 26,999.93 Left To Go

I swear to you...Break your goals into small chunks!!! And then keep track of it...Only a few weeks ago I was thrilled to be less than 30k HP to go, now we're under 27k....This stuff works. Keep stacking. Keep building!!!

25 Rewards Per Post

Welp, this is truly my Achilles Heel when it comes to #MyHiveGoals

We're at 19.472 this week, which is down from 19.483.

I can't for the life of me figure out how to bump this over 20 HO and then move towards 25 rewards per post.

Regardless, I'll keep plugging away...


Curation took a dip a bit this week too, which is odd because I was getting about 13% APR roughly on my curation...

Hey, no matter what...This account is growing :)

I'm grateful!

10 Dolphins In The CTP Swarm

Did you see the recent post from @achim03.ctp ?

We've added a brand new Dolphin to the Swarm!!!!

Massive congrats and special shout out to @alokkumar121

He's been a big contributor to HIVE for a while now and recently started to focus on the CTP Tribe....Huge thanks to him and if anyone is counting...

That makes 8 Dolphins in the Swarm!!!!


And combined with the @ctpsb project as well as both @ph1102 and @bradletarrow 's curation trails, this is just going to grow by leaps and bounds....

You guys truly are remarkable!!!!

Note: This post's beneficiary will be @hirohurl An absolutely brilliant member of the Swarm and a guy I've known for years. Every post I make, I'll send 25% of the author rewards to one random member of the CTP Swarm!


Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!




I've had the same idea. I sold some BTC for Hive when it was 12K...

Nevertheless, prices are not so important when we are working in the long term in accumulation mode...

P.S: Thanks a lot for the mention and your support for the @ctpsb project!

Yeah man, it was a nice little bump last week...Before the tumble....I felt like an expert until it all went to hell LOLOL

Damn...this is such a motivation! I guess you'd reach your 100k goal quicker now, especially during this dip!

Wishing you the best of trades and decisions....


That's the one good thing about the dips for sure...Allows us to accumulate more for cheaper!

I like to read your HiveGoals post... It looks so easy to power up 1K in a week... My Orca dream looks so easy when I see your graphs...

But, in reality it is far away... hahahahaha

Good job! 100K is near!

What's so awesome about this, is that a lot of these purchases I'm making is from crypto I have accumulated over the past few years...Very little out of pocket fiat these days!

Thank you so much @jongolson
Your nice words made my Sunday awesome. Have a great weekend

Awesome man, thanks very much for the comments :)

Wow, thanks for the kind words and for the 25% author rewards, @jongolson! Appreciated, liked, commented and "resteemed".

For sure man, glad to help :)

Me too. Just a teeny bit (couple hundred hive) but...

I am just flat out of disposable money right now and really wish I could buy some more Hive. Ah well, best to let it go up a little before I get back in :)

I've just been dumping BTC, LTC, LBC and a few other tokens for HIVE....Nothing out of pocket these days :)

WTG Jon on your Hive goals.

Thank ya :)