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“Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it...” - Albert Einstein

Debates surround if Albert actually stated this but it sets us up with what I believe will be an epic blog post...And more reasons why we need to be bullish on Hive and more specifically staked Hive - A.K.A. Hive Power!

Let's do a quick recap...As Hive is a delegated proof of stake blockchain, the more 'stake' you have, the more influence you have on the chain. This is straight forward enough that is captures the attention of new members to the community and gets them excited for the potential to 'earn' here on Hive.

Without going into too much detail, here's a shameless self promote for - That goes over Hive Power in much more detail.

But I'm making a bold statement...

HivePower is the 9th wonder of the world!!!!

Why do I believe this?

Am I just being a 'homer' and shill?

In this post I wanted to go over some of the amazing features of your account once you stake Hive, some maybe common knowledge...But some things might end up blowing your mind....Let's dive in;

  1. Hive Power is needed for resource credits. The fuel that allows you to actually USE the blockchain. Everything 'costs' resource credits here on Hive, and once you have a small amount of Hive powered up, you can use the blockchain as much as you want!

  2. Once you hit a certain number of Hive Power you can start earning on curation. Wait what? Yes, unlike popular social media sites that earn from YOU liking other people's stuff and feeding into their database, Hive Power allows you to earn a percentage of the curation rewards given to a post that you...Liked! And here's the best part...The more Hive Power you have, the bigger chunk of curation rewards you can receive!

  3. I saw a post from my buddy @achim03 and he made a great point about Hive Power. When you are powered up, it shows the blockchain that you mean business. People notice you, you gain more followers and the general consensus is that...You are here for the long run because you believe in this blockchain.

  4. You can give out some nice rewards to creators you support and enjoy. Sure, you upvote for potential curation rewards too, but the point is...A new creator or member to the blockchain sees a nice little vote from you on their posts...You make their day :) On top of that, you gain a potential follower and customer for life...That is HUGE!

  5. You get to vote on proposals and witnesses that help shape the blockchain. The more Hive Power you have, the more your vote matters!

  6. You stake, you earn! I'm never sure exactly what the number is...It seems to change every time I make a post about it, but once of the COOLEST aspects of Hive Power is it's basically a high interest savings account...You are earning between 3.5-7% a year on your Hive Power. Yup, just by powering up your Hive, you are earning interest every single second of the day. Here's a very cool tool by @nuthman to help you see how much you are earning...Right now!

So these are some of the common knowledge use cases for Hive Power. But here's the golden nugget of Hive Power....That needs to be covered....Delegation!

Sure you can use tools like @dlease which is a pretty cool way to get some great returns on leasing out your Hive Power to others, and I have been using it religiously now for months. My average returns from using Dlease is around 14%. Not too bad for simply...Lean ding my Hive Power to others.

But here's the sweetest thing on the blockchain....

Delegating your power to projects like @leo.voter and @ctpsb

There are so many projects to delegate to that send you rewards and dividends for doing so, but I'm just going to focus on Leo Voter and CTPSB.

With Leo Voter, you get a reward paid everyday in the form of LEO tokens. How cool is that? Not only am I supporting one of the coolest projects on Hive in the form of @LeoFinance but I'm also getting LEO tokens every day for doing so. No brainer for me!!

And with CTPSB, it's a community created project that supports delegators in the form of CTP tokens as well as other tokens that are earning curation rewards from the CTPSB project. That's right...I'm getting MULTIPLE dividend rewards from delegating to CTPSB...I mean, it doesn't get much better than that!!!

Delegation truly is a remarkable financial tool that is stuck right in to your Hive Power.

This is why....I'm on the mission to accumulate as much of this stuff as possible. Yeah, the price of Hive isn't where we all think it should be, but regardless of that, my mentality is accumulation!!!

And with the tools that Hive Power allows us to use each and every day...I just cannot think of a better crypto currency to invest into!


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Compounding is one of the real-world examples I give to my advanced math students to motivate them when we work on exponentials. Compound interest, cell division, and radioactive decay are all examples of the power of the exponent (repeated multiplication) compared to the puny power of mere addition. In marketing, we could also liken compounding to turning on a hose versus carrying buckets.

LOL I love it....The hose versus the buckets!

Didn't knew about the ctpsb. Now that I'm approaching dolphinhood I have more spare hive to delegate, definitely have to check it out!

That's awesome!

Congrats on the approaching dolphinhood :)

Thank you! Cheers! 😉 !BEER

Hey @jongolson, here is a little bit of BEER from @pardinus for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Debates surround if Albert actually stated this

I was just about to debate this when reading the quote. 😂

Passive Income and Compounding are my weapons to early retirement. To me that means still working, but not having to. The resource credits seem redundant after the first few 100 HP though due to that exponential growth.

The price of Hive is EXACTLY where I think it should be... while I buy more. :)
Thanks for that tool, another one I could add to my analytics line up. is also a very neat one.

Love Hive Stats, @leofinance created one of the most addicting pages on the chain lol

Yeah man, I like it low right now too....Once I hit my goals, then let's moooooon LOL

If someone told me ten years ago that big green dildos would turn me on, I'd have laughed my ass of.

Hopefully you get that reference, else this will be an awkward comment.

Great post Jon. There are so many ups to power up. Because of powering up, we also recieved Hive tokens in the first place, we also go blurt tokens and maybe we will get some 3speak tokens :-).

Thanks a lot for the shout out!

Can't wait for the 3speak tokens...Oh boy, that's game, set, match!

@leo.voter is my new thing! Need to balance my delegations and work on more Hive Power to invest in a bigger delegation!
Another thing that I'm glad about is the "other" blockchain which doubled my Hive!
And glad about myself for creating every day and powering up as much as I can!
Having this power is so empowering lolol
To the Moon we go!

Without the 'other' chain, I would be about 30k less than I am now LOL Thanks Justin!!!!

Thanks for the tip with the delegation for leovoter and CTPSB. After Christmas I will do an overhaul on all accounts to see where to delegate from.

Now I focus on buying LEO for the LPI, which will be one of the best projects this year. After that will lend a fellow some 500 Hive, stock up my DCity account and then it shall be Christmas :)

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I see that coming and can't wait to dive in too....Watch this space man, we've got something coming very soon that should get the blockchain excited :)

Cool! It will be for sure a pleasant surprise!

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Yes Hive power is great staked and yes dlease is a great way to earn more Hive, my apr is at 14.98 % right now and earning over 1 Hive per day in interest. My next goal is to get that to 2 hive per day.

That's insane....You can't get that in a bank lol

Hahaha, your theme alone. So funny!! Up, up and awaaaayyyyy...... @tipu curate !invest_vote

LOL Thanks so much, appreciate it very much!

I understand the importance of Hive Power and I do not do powerdown of my HP. Will keep growing with time.

That's best part about it, the more it's powered up, the more you earn.

Really is amazing stuff. The whole world will know one day.

Agreed....Until then, we build :)

The more I am learning about the opportunities here the more I want to dig in and learn more.

It's the rabbit hole LOL It keeps getting better and better tho!

Hey Jon! Yes, I am starting to see that. Lots of fun! Enjoy your day and weekend. 😀

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you just got a massive 0.005 upvote from me

I'm grateful for the vote, whether it's 0.005 or 5.000....I'm thankful for every single one. Thank you!

welcome :)

This is a great post about hive power I really like the calculator tool link you shared

Oh once you 'get it' and understand what it all means...You'll be hooked lol

Love ctpsb project😀

We love it too...but very biased ;)

Thanks for the input of knowledge

Thanks for the comments :)

About to add to my little bag now!

Always be stacking!!!

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A terrific post.

Few think about the power of hive power and what it gives a person.

I have a feeling things will become clearer to people in the next couple years as this place explodes. We can add in the second layer tokens as following the same sequence, further adding to the compounding fator.

Of course, you did not even relate the price of Hive to fiat where, if things take off, the value of one's account, in fiat will explode.

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