The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - We're Back! (Not A Moment Too Soon...)

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The Road To 10K CTP Tokens is BACK!

And apologies for being away for so long....If you read the last post, I suggested I'd be back in early July doing these again....Welp, it's July 29th lol

Better late than never....

I speak about this in the video, but be sure to check out @rcaine 's amazing spreadsheet and video tutorial all about the 'Guinea Pig Challenge' we spoke about last week...


It's amazing!

I look forward to engaging with you all this week and once again, it's great to be back!

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Probably I will there before this year end.

Very nice!

Yeah slow and steady is the best game plan!

Thanks for a great video @jongolson, and great to see you back with the Road To 10k CTP, and answering all the old comments on camera, there is quite a lot that has happened in this time, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Yessir, great to be back.

Looking forward to engaging even more than before!

Well, you already know I am glad you are back! :) This series has always been a great way to engage and share questions, ideas & concerns. I know this will gain momentum even more now that we have more active members on #ctptalk. ;) Keep up the great work, Jon, & know You Are Awesome! 👍🙂💚

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The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".

Almost there, lol... Funny, I thought I already had 10k+ CTP for some time!

Oh man, I have no doubt in my mind you'll get there soon!

Appreciate you sir!

Awesome to have the road to 10k ctp back. Always nice to watch.

I was pretty pleased with the progress for my main account, but with my still quite new account @invest4free I got 2000 ctp in 10 weeks 😎 now how is that for progress 😋 I’m gonna get that 10k ctp by the end of the year!

That is awesome man...Very nice!

Yeah it starts to snow ball for sure!

I need time to get 1 goal 10k ctp 💪💪

You can do it, it's very achievable!

Thanks Jon 😊

This is a great goal to set. I'm not anywhere near it but I will be and continue to move forward everyday. Thanks Jon. I look fwd to this.

Slowly....Every day, plus 1 ;)

That's how to build here!

Nice to see you back and pushing the road to ????? CTP tokens as many have passed the 10k now which is a great thing as it shows others it is achievable.
So now I am grumpy yer? oh dear I seem to have more titles than I now what to do with I try not to be but whatever I will live through it and see what my next title will be, I will not try and predict it.
Gone back to my fence to see what is happening and await my next title.

Legend sir...That's your title! lol

I am not dead yet so you can forget that one or even retract it.

The man!

Yeah! The road to 10K is back! I can't remember if I had 10K HP the month ago, but that's also CHECKED!

And you are right, we had a bunch of new people in the CTP Swarm, so let's see who will find this post to comment and get rewarded for engagement!

Oh, and Dolphin dreaming is another great initiative... Maybe you can integrate that in this series also?

That could work for sure...We had a bunch of development planned just before I left, I need to get that fired back up too...Swarm coming, promise LOL

Great to see the road to 10,000 back on track. How time flies when you are having fun as I had no idea it had been a month already. You did make in July as you said just the wrong end of the moth lol.
Hope we get back to having lots of comments again. Lots happening in the ctp community it is getting hard to keep track of it all. Have a great week.

Yeah there's even more people rocking in CTP then when I left...I expect some fun things in the future :)

Nice post, Jon. Thanks for all you do in encouraging us and helping us progress in our online marketing journey.

I do have a question. As you know I have recently created this account as the face of my other passion that I am in the process of promoting on Hive. Do I need to effectively power down my original account or is it OK to have both active simultaneously (one for affiliate marketing and the other for family history)?

I'd build both...I mean personally I have this account and I manage the @clicktrackprofit account as well.

But I have a host of other accounts too. But nothing says you can't build both of them up :)

Nice to have the road to 10K CTP back! I'm almost there, I just staked 120 ctp and I'm at 8960 :-).


Keep going man, almost there!

And yeah it's great to be back!

Welcome back, I'm on the road to hit 10K CTP Tokens, and the target is to hit 100k, hopefully.


Yeah it's possible for sure! Slow and steady wins the race!

It takes time to get to 100k I know.
Stick at it as it is achievable.

I am so glad to see you bring this series back. I know this summer has been crazy for you but as always, you come through it all like a champ! ;)

I have a lot of goals this year & one of them DOES include accumulating more CTP tokens. I am blessed to have surpassed the 10K mark a while back, BUT there's always the next goal to reach (not to mention that Dolphin mark ;) ). What I really like is we all have different ways to achieve those goals and the guinea pig challenge is a great way for others to push themselves to reach them! (And btw Bob did a GREAT job on that spreadsheet!)

Glad to see you back, Jon! Let's kick the rest of this year into high gear! ;) The Unicorns are starting to dance again.