The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - 1 Token At A Time!

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No one said this journey would be....Easy!

It's not going to be 'quick' either....

But it will be worth it.

Like...REALLY worth it!!!

Welcome to the Road To 10k CTP!!!!!!

Note: This post's beneficiary will be @alokkumar121 An awesome content creator who has been crushing it on the blockchain! Every post I make one member of the CTP Tribe gets 25% of the author rewards!

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As you said, the road can be rough, but with the supportive community that doesn't matter... People just have to build a mentality of long-term thinking... Yes, it is hard when everything is on just one click away... A bit of patience and consistency, and the journey is the biggest reward!

I have my own goal... "Road to Cruisin!" 🤣

Ha ha ha the Road To @cruisin !!!!!

Hi @jongolson
thanks so much for this and I appreciate your support.
Like this post title says-

The Road To 10k CTP Tokens

I am on this road that I started over a month back and will have 10k CTP staked within 2020.

Brilliant stuff sir and thanks so much for all your hard work and contributions!

Congratulations @alokkumar121 for being an awesome creator
I'll hit it hopefully this month, being away for a month :) 6122.203 CTP to be precise :)
Keep motivating!

Thank you. You are doing great in CTP

Very nice...Those are awesome numbers. Hope the community can help you reach that quickly :)

Hopefully, an awesome community, very supportive!

Congratulations, @alokkumar121 on your reward for being a consistently awesome content creator. This journey has been well worth the time and effort I have put into it in the last year. The last many weeks not withstanding. Climbing back on to the horse again though.

Take your time. You just went through a lot. We're here whenever you can jump back in :)

Yesterday I was looking for one of my posts to explain @imfarhad about and I stumbled upon a post that I had written in February 2020. I had 550 CTP at that time and my target was to reach 5000 within 60 days. It's now about 7 months since then and I have 11k CTP tokens. What I want to say is that even if the road seems long, we can get to these 10k quite quickly! 1 Token at the time...

I had 550 CTP at that time and my target was to reach 5000 within 60 days. It's now about 7 months since then and I have 11k CTP tokens

Amazing investment run. Cheers man!

Thanks man! ;-)

1 at a time man, that's the way!

Might not be the sexiest way to build on the blockchain, but it's positive growth no matter what!!

Congratulations to @alokkumar121. You've been an amazing and passionate content creator. Cheers!

Thank you so much my friend @uyobong

100% agree with this comment!!!

Hello @jongolson. I am working hard to reach the goal I now have in my balance of 1200 ctp tokens.

Very nice :)

Keep building and keep growing, you'll get there for sure!!

Great video man, seems I missed last week, very sorry about that, and congrats to Alok for being the beneficiary, and eagerly awaiting the Hive guide.

So tomorrow I will bring over my stake to the new account for curating with CTP, have tried out and adjusted some levels this week for voting with it, and following Zoltans trail and all, I am still trying to reach 100k CTP staked by the end of the year, as Bradley says, I WILL DO IT.

And on Sunday I will be turning over ownership of Luke to Mike, I am sure he will do a great job with it, and also him being able to focus fully on that, while I will help him out, but enable me to have my full focus on the rest of my projects.

Keep up your good work.

Love it man, big sign of growth when you have so much on your plate, that you can delegate things out and give leadership positions to others. Awesome news man!

Yeah and even more awesome that there are people capable to take over some of it.

I actually very proud of myself after a year still showing up every day and keeping myself consistent!
The main thing I learned comparing to myself some years ago when I came across CTP is, yes it will be a long journey and it's up to you to kick your own butt!
But you don't have to do it all alone!
The adventure is fun with people around :)
All worth it for sure!!

Oh I'm over 20 years into this stuff...Still learning and growing everyday.

The process never ends :)

Even during tough times, I always believed in the journey because that is the most important part. We grow so much as individuals as well as a community within that time. So, regardless of the end goal, we all become better versions of ourselves. So, it's a win-win imho. :)

My goal is to reach Orca status on Hive by the end of the year. 2021 will be on the road to Whale - woo hoo! So excited. Also, I want to double my CTP tokens as well! Now that we have The Hive Guide, things are getting better by the moment.

It's hard NOT to be excited with the CTPSB & the curation trails as well as all of the above! Let's do this! :) 💚

Yeah I'm really going to push CTPSB in the next few weeks, send beneficiary rewards to it and get more people looking into it :)

Love the community, we are all winning!

My road is 60,000 next stop. ;)

Crushing it!!!