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Tonight in the CTP Discord, I was asked a question that I thought would be a great idea for a blog post...

@bizventures was looking for a way to keep up with all the news in and around the blockchain, without losing his mind. You see, the CTP tribe are entrepreneurs to the core but not all of us are what you would call...Masters of the blockchain.

This is new for a lot of us and there is some serious information overload when it comes to learning this stuff...So I decided, to share with him and others how I 'keep sane' in a world that is brand new for so many entrepreneurs.

Here's a few tips on how I stay on top of the crypto space keeping a daily schedule:

Crypto Twitter

As annoying as centralized media is, the crypto industry seems to live and breathe on Twitter. So to stay on top of everything that's going on, there are a few accounts I follow that generally cover everything happening in this crazy space...

Coindesk - For news in and around the industry

Pomp - A BTC purist and general fan boy of all things Bitcoin

LeoFinance - Wen moon, wen Project Blank, wen Cub Finance taking over BSC!!!!

Decrypt - A news service for hot crypto topics

By no means is this the be all and end all list for Twitter accounts to follow. But you'll get a good overview of the biggest news in the industry when it happens.

I check Twitter....All day long LOL

Check In With Discord / Telegram

If I don't check in daily, this can become the land of 400 unread messages. So for me personally, I always like to keep tabs on what is happening with the tribes, blockchains and projects I'm involved in.

CTP Discord / Telegram - Obviously LOL

LeoFinance - Cause we're all gonna get rich from LEO and CUB ;)

The Man Cave - All the BRO Fund and BRO Fi projects

I know there are 103834038 other Discord servers that are the home for the tribes on Hive and other crypto projects, but generally I can keep up to date with a lot in these 3 servers.

You can learn a lot by observing, but nothing beats asking a question and engaging!

My Feeds

There is nothing that will help you more stay on top of all the news in the crypto space than...Your feed on Hive!

And there are just so many amazing accounts to follow, and while I could name hundreds of community members I would say the account to follow who seems to be on top of everything would be @taskmaster4450

But the best thing about Hive and all the tribes on the blockchain is that all you have to do is poke around....And you'll find a wealth of amazing content!

So the first thing in the morning, that's my schedule...

1. I check Crypto Twitter for all the news overnight and what's coming up in the days ahead...

2. I check all the conversations on the Discord and Telegram servers...

3. And finally, I start scrolling my feeds to get a pulse for the blockchain!

Plan for about 30 minutes to an hour to stay in the loop and that way you will always be learning and never feel like you are getting information overload!


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These are all great actionable steps for staying on top but the one I do the most is getting into my feed on hive and ctptalk and sometimes that overwhelms me so I check out some of the others from time to time but I'm not ready for all that info just yet.


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I'd just focus on your circle right now, until you branch out...Great people to chit chat with, even if we all talk to each other in Telegram too LOL



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thanks for putting this together for me and looks like many others was also happy to see this information.

I want to bookmark it also, but not sure how to do that, so some instructions would be great.

Depends on the front end you choose, it'll have different bookmarking features. I just bookmark using Brave.

Great article Jon I have bookmarked it for future reference and will include a link to this article, in an article I am working on with Rob 😀

Awesome man, glad you enjoyed it!

Nice one, Jon. I know you know a bit of my past, and that I had a brain injury. Ever since, I've had to really concentrate on not getting overloaded with too much info.

I find that focusing on one task at a time, even if I have a lot of tasks, is the best way to not get overwhelmed. Staying on top of CTP Telegram talk is sometimes too much for me as well. I just have to let some messages go by and continue from today. That's how I deal with very active channels.

Yeah man, and this industry...News comes fast and furious...I do tend to stick to my bubble, but this helps me get a feel for everything that matters in crypto.

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There is a lot of information floating around on the web about Crypto and when you start reading about all, it's very confusing.
These links a re great source of information and a good starter list.
Thanks a lot for sharing the links and source information,

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I mean, the bulk of the news you will be able to know about just by following those recommendations. I'm sure it doesnt cover it all, but the majority of the news :)

I rather rely on small number of reliable sources than listening to a lot of sources which are not much reliable.
So i like your sources and this helps concentrating on a fewer,

It's hard to keep track of everything and I have been relying on the @leomarkettalk lately. It helps me get the comments in and usually the new information gets posted there by someone. Along with the occasional great posts they find on LEO or other front-ends.

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Yeah I think that's going to play a big part going forward for me, only reason I didn't include it yet is because I'm not in the habit of going there and taking part every day.

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The people I follow on Leo Finance give me all the information I need and it's also nice to interact with them. On traditional social media interactions are more meh

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ha ha ha so true. there are a few 's dones' from noise cash every once and a while too LOL

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Now that you mention it, it is hard to stay on top of things. Hadn't really thought about it.

I try to stay at least somewhat up-to-date with LeoFinance, Publish0x and Reddit. At least stuff's already filtered so it doesn't get overwhelming.

Probably missing out by not getting it straight from the source like Discord and Twitter.

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Yeah I mean, those are fantastic resources too. I try not to get too much information all at once, so I tend to hang out where I know...

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I would also recommend rektcapital on twitter.

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Awesome, thanks I'll take a look!

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Thank you for all the suggestions to keep up with the news at the Hive and other blockchains. I have restarted my "I Am Engaged Challenge". Watch for the post a little later today. You kicked me in the butt the other day in telegram. You were absolutely right. I need to engage more.

It's always done to help, even if sometimes I might come across like a grumpy Gus LOL

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This was a really great compilation of sources. I am going to reblog this so that the information can get to more people. Nicely done!

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Appreciate that very much sir, thank you!

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Thanks for the Reader's Digest version of keeping up with crypto news! !BBH

Reader's Digest lol blast from the past!!

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My mom still has several shelves of RD condensed books.

Was reading this before but didn't get a chance to comment. Love those twitter links!

As you could tell, I used your telegram link! haha

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Good to have you on board man, you Ambassador you!!!!

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Hey, thanks for the collection of the links.

A suggestion if I may?

Your main Hive-Engine witness is @clicktrackprofit, isn't it? Put it in plain English with a link to vote directly. Like this or this :)

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Really good suggestion, thanks very much. I'll start doing that going forwrd!

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You are welcome.

Ps: you can vote for my H-E Witness too :)
Thank you very much!

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Thanks a million + !BEER :)

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I am learning here every day new things!
Sometimes its realy a lot of imformation.

Good to hear it, glad you are getting value from it all :)

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Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

My problem is that I can do too much for my schedule because I still have a day job.
I have to limit the amount of social networks I do.
I have my priorities during the week then I will do others on the weekend.
If I spread my self too thin then it is not as effective

Time management is key for sure. Slow and steady, you build when you can :)

We encourage you to do a good job on this and tell us brother what is a good way to use it.