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RE: Liotes is Exploring NFTs!

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When you first start with the cloud wallet, I think they buy you a little bit of RAM. Then they delegate some CPU/NET for you. As for the NET, I have not really needed to stake anything more because it is only for transferring the results of your actions. CPU though is used more often as it does the work for each of your action and you need some more staked if you plan to use the block chain often.

One thing I want to clarify is that RAM does not regenerate over time. It is your storage for NFTs and only restores after you let go of NFTs through sales or burning them.

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Thanks a lot for the additional info!!! It's good to know that new people get some resources... I didn't wait for that as I have bought some WAXP on Bittrex and transferred it to the wallet...

Thanks again for clarifying certain things!

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Yea the RAM issue is the most confusing aspect because I had dead koloboks that were filling up my memory. I think I have burned at least a few thousand of those dead guys to save on RAM costs but I recently found you can convert them into KBucks (probably recently). Too bad the captcha is annoying otherwise I would give the rest of my 100+ koloboks over to the bounty guy.

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