The Most Important Thing You'll Do Today!

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Life is messy and hard at times but yesterday I had my "ah ha" moment when Jon and Blain reminded us that nothing else matters sometimes as long as we continue to show up every single day.

Continuing to do that puts us ahead of the game because most people WON'T show up.

Thanks for riding out my messy emotional funk with me and for those that reached out, I love you all!

It speaks volumes to this @clicktrackprofit community and the amazing members within it who genuinely care if others not only succeed on a professional level but that that are thriving in every aspect of this wonderful ride we call life! :D

In this video, I discuss where my heads at, why I needed to hear what Jon and Blain said last night at Thursday Night Live (check out by clicking here) and that you're not alone if you're feeling this way too!

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There will be times like these through our journey which are good to make us stronger!
As long as you don't keep it all to yourself and seek guidance somewhere, either books, podcasts, and especially from someone!
Take your time to organize your thoughts and I'm sure you will get back to that Unicorn in no time!
We are also here for you anytime you need :)
Love ya 💜

Thanks Eliana. Very much appreciated! ❤️

You may or may not have noticed, but I put out a shit post yesterday. I posted 10 pictures of cars for Hive Stock Photos. I've got 4 partial posts written and the truth is, I've got nothing right this now.

That Jon is a stinking genius. Get in line stay in line is pretty good advice.

You might want to play a little at @galenkp's friday fun. It's different today. It's always different :)

One thing I do when shit is flowing down on me? I find people's posts to comment on. I always feel better and I know it is a good thing for many of the people I 'speak' to.

I'm glad you are still here. I mean really. There's a big empty place in my life when you aren't around....

You may have made me cry...

100% authentic.
Props to you.
Takes courage and confidence.
The path is waiting, when u r ready to continue on it.

Thank you Andrew :) I appreciate it.

I dont want you to give up, I enjoy your video's. All the things that Jon mentioned on Thursdays video is also mentioned in a Goodcents commercial. I think they have been listening in on Jon's video's. Lol Thinking about you. Hoping that you start feeling better.

Definitely won't be giving up. I truly appreciate your kind words :)

There is no better therapy for me than...Jumping back on the horse.

It sounds 'sooooo easy' but it takes massive amount of guts to do it.

I salute everyone that shows up and grinds daily. It's remarkable to watch :)

Thanks Jon :)

Keep showing up, indeed it works
Wish you all the best :)
Have a lovely Weekend!

Thank you. Same to you :)

It always helps me if I read/watch stuff from my friends when I'm down... and I know that I will find there a lot of good things, good vibes, good thoughts than in any other place in the world...

Choosing between watching a vlog from my friend, or turning on the poisonous TV is an easy choice... Don't feed yourself with negative stuff, and you will feel better... I know that it's easy to say that, and hard to do... But, you are a smart girl to recognize that...

Wish you all the best!

Thanks Zoltan :)

I'll try.

I agree 100%. Showing up is half the battle and sometimes when you do, it actually helps surrounding yourself around people who truly care. It is human to feel how you do & totally understandable & you're right - it IS okay to process and take a break. As long as you come back :)

It hasn't been the easiest time for a lot of us but when you know you have constructive outlets & people to talk with when you need them, it helps ease your mind a bit. (At least it does for me lol.)

Sending lots of love & healing energy to you, girl. I am glad you are here & you showed up. As Jon would say, you are doing what the other 98% wouldn't do. You got this! 💚

Thanks Jenn. Appreciate it :)

You're welcome, Janelle. HUGS 💚

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