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I believe very strong that as a community, even online, that we are responsible for what we bring to the table and therefore should always expect to be held accountable.

Honesty, both with ourselves and each other, is the only way to keep moving forward.

In this video, I speak on my thoughts about what has been said in the last couple of days and how I think it's important that we continue to speak out.

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Great video Janelle.
My opinion is that there are many different people and everyone accepts something in their own way.

The so-called criticism is always welcome because that's the only way we can improve ...
But it's true that some people need more time to accept it - I'm one of them. .
I think that when you think things through, they are actually right. And it's up to us whether we will change it or not.
I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't want changes ...

Thank you for your kind words.

It wasn't a real easy video to make because I know how hard it is to NOT take things personal. For sure, sometimes the delivery of the feedback could perhaps be you said, when you think things through, they are right. I think you're doing a fantastic job and I know will succeed. :)

Thanks very much.I can not say in words how much this motivate me for future😀

Nice video Janelle, and I agree that the posts in the #LukeIsAlive contest needs to improve, just as Blain said, and part of that has to be put on me for not doing the Scavanger Hunt myself and leading by example.

I am not sure if you are aware of how it all started, but I added a part about Luke into an update I made to the I am alive ebook back in late April, and then I used that to get traffic to build my list and shared about that in a daily post, which was also more focused on conversions to my list, plus I never did a full Scavanger Hunt myself, at most I surfed 2 TE's in a day.

The contest part of all this started by Jon contacting me and offer to fund it since he saw that some others where also starting to hunt for Luke, and then I have expanded on that and made a separate account and also adding more prizes, to become what that is today where i share the daily drawing in a video just like Russell do for the CTP Wheel.

The reason why I am not hunting for Luke is time really, I can try to make time for it, not sure if it will succeed, but some days maybe I can add a bit and show how to expand the post to be more about using the traffic you get to build your list and improving your conversion rates, because that is what I have always seen as the vision for it.

Keep up your good work.

Thank you Erik. I didn't know the history so that was great to find out. I actually think the challenge itself is great on many levels. It's a fantastic way to increase traffic, subscribers and it's an initiative to SHOW UP everyday and get rewarded. I love it.

The struggle reminds me a bit of trying to tell someone not to promote a standard affiliate page when promoting a traffic exchange but to stand out and make your own.

There are many ways to do this challenge...I think it's just a matter of getting people to tap into their creative brains and step out of their comfort zone.

I really appreciate your comment! :)

Thanks Janelle, yeah it's a great way to start building your list, and you get paid for posting, plus there are a total of 2200 CTP tokens in rewards paid out every week, 1000 of that from Jon, and if used to build your list and optimize your conversions you just have the best start with listbuilding ever.

I'm not in the midst of it, but I've been in front of Blain before. I may have even had my feelings hurt, but the man has never lied to me or attacked me personally and I can't imagine him having started now.

Change, and getting out of the comfort zone IS NOT required-if you don't want to be your best self. Otherwise, sometimes hurt feelings are the best thing that can happen to a person.

Thanks for another heartfelt post. I love them.

Thank you Tom. I agree with you. Sometimes hurt feelings are the best thing that can happen. You are correct. :)

Great post Janelle, if you want to be in this business you need to have some thick skin. The more successful you get the thicker your skin because the more people are going to pick at you. I find that many people these days can't take anything but compliments, anything other then "Good Job" is bad and they take it to heart. Like you said, we are all learning and there needs to be adjustments to what we do until we get everything just right. Nobody starts off perfect but they want recognition for being perfect out of the gate it seems. idk I will stop ranting about this lol great job as always.

Agreed. Although I think effort deserves to be recognized...I don't believe in saying things are good when they aren't, for sure. Thanks for your comment I really appreciate it :)

Tbh, this wasn't the first time that we are talking about the "lack of creativity" in the posts, titles, etc... I'm more for some different approach to the problem, more "soft", but after some time, it is needed to be bold, like Blain did it in his rant...

And, as you said, Blain (or neither of us) hasn't "bad intentions" by saying the truth like things are... We all are working toward the community success as there is no community without people, and in our case, people without the community...

Also, I am aware that I'm doing similar things as Blain did, but I really have no intention to push anyone down, but rather to help people to grow...

There is no growth if we are living in the fake reality where everyone is telling you that you are awesome, and tapping your shoulder, while you are going down to the gutter...

But, I will say that this post is an awesome one because it is "on point" and it was needed to be said things like this... :)

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Thank you :)

Yes, I agree! While we uplift one another in the community, it's also important to hold each other accountable & help each other grow. Find that balance.

Sure, some people respond to different approaches so I think there is room for that. However, Blain & Jon have our best interests at heart & personally, I have heard them say repeatedly how they want us all to succeed. Knowing that makes the suggestions easier to handle (at least for me!).

With that, we have to do the work on ourselves & be somewhat open minded. We all have had our moments where feelings may get miffed but when we step outside of that & see the suggestion or comment for what it is, that is when we can truly improve & grow.

I appreciate you doing this video, Janelle. It was definitely something that needed to be addressed. :) Keep crushing these posts. You are a true asset to the community. 💜

Thank you, Jenn. Your comment means a lot to me :)

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